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Subject: Iran - Order of Battle
Roman    4/26/2004 12:21:05 AM
Does anyone have current info on the Iranian order of battle? I would love to know the composition of their mechanized and armoured divisions, for example.
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TriggaFingaz    Try this   6/12/2004 2:56:53 PM
Ever tried All I can tell you is that there is a regular Iranian army and the Pasdaran (Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps). The Pasdaran are the mullah's loyal force (kinda like the Rep Guard of Iraq?) who also perform clandestine roles like training their Hezbollah pets in the Biqa valley. Iran uses a mix of Russian, British and US (latter two from the Shah's time) gear as well as domestic products like Zulqifar MBT. Their infantry use H&K G3A-3 battle rifles. That's all I can say for now...
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ilpars    Pasdaran   6/16/2004 4:50:10 AM
Pasdaran is not like Rep. Guard of Iraq. They are an armed force directly controlled by Mullahs. They are something like a paramilitary force with heavy weapons. In theory in war time, they will be under Army's control but in their nature they a rival force to Iranian army. I do not think that their cooperation will be easy. Worse than that Pasdaran do not have a stremlined chain of command and all commands are chosen for political reasons not for merits or experience. Historically closes unit to them in structure is National Guard of Revolution France of 1789-1795 period.
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TriggaFingaz    Pasdaran- whoops!   6/16/2004 5:33:16 PM
My mistake concerning the Pasdaran. They are prettty secretive, no known books written about their activities. Don't know who's harder to study, Pasdaran or North Korean special ops.
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elcid    OB Data   6/19/2004 12:21:54 PM
Four Armored Divisions = 3 Armored + 1 Mech Brigades + Arty Brigade with four or five artillery battalions Six Infantry Divisions = Four Infantry Brigades + 1 Arty Brigade (Same) One Airborne Brigade Two Commando Brigades Several Independent Brigades (Armored, Infantry) Five Artillery Brigades (same) 1565 Tanks, including T-54/66 and PRC T-59, 65 T-62,480 T-72, 200 Chieftan, 150 M-47/47, 150 M-60 and 10 Iranian Zulfiqar. T-54/55/59 should total about 510 machines. APC: 500 BTR 50/60, 250 M-113, 10 Boragh AFIV: 350 BMP-1, 400 BMP-2 Arty: Towed and SP: Russian, Chinese, North Korean, and American, many types
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elcid    Revolutionary Guards   6/19/2004 12:27:00 PM
Bigger than the army = 16 to 20 Divisions and 33 to 38 independent briagdes. Many units serve under army control, however. Equipment included in the listing for the army. This force is something like the SS of Nazi Germany or the National Guard of Saudi Arabia. It was the last modern army not to use infiltration tactics, and it learned on the field of battle against Iraq why everyone uses them today. Since then it allows the army to train it.
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ilpars    RE:Revolutionary Guards - elcid   6/19/2004 4:10:30 PM
Pasdaran units unlike regular units are on skeleton strength. That is why I compared them with National Guard of Revolution France. In theory in wartime they will become full sized units by volunteers.
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919    RE:Revolutionary Guards - elcid   6/30/2004 9:59:54 AM
In modern terms, they are targets. In any battle against US Forces, their C&C will be gone in the first hour. Then some Regimental commander gets to decide if he dies in p[lace or moves and dies somewhere else. In a rigid, Soviet Style Army, most decide to die inplace. The Conscripts allwys have a different idea, which is why their army will appearto 'melt' away after the JDAM turn the Command post into a crater. When faced with a 21st century army, the generals die, the privates go home. All in all, a good thing.
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Roman    RE:Iran - Order of Battle   7/11/2004 6:14:56 PM
Thanks for the ORBAT elcid!
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Roman    RE:Iran - Order of Battle   7/11/2004 6:16:27 PM
What kind of doctrine/strategy/tactics do the Iranian armed forces use? In the Iran-Iraq War it used to be massed/human wave attacks, but since that did not prove too effective I am sure they must have changed now.
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Patton       1/4/2011 12:11:25 PM
IRGC Groud Forces are claimed to consist of 4-6 large brigade sized divisions, a number of independent infantry brigades, S.F Groups, and air defence battalions.  The Pasdaran controls all strategic and short range missiles.  The division/brigade sized units probably are similar in organization to Iraqi brigades as they existed under Saddam in 1990.  They have some logistical capabilities but are not able to conduct sustained logistical operations.  An examination of the 1990 Iraqi brigade structure might shed some light on this.
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