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Subject: would iran attack isreal if it had atomic bombs?
handgun    4/30/2009 12:15:32 PM
this is my question, would iran nuke isreal and where would it nuke first. i doubt it would nuke jarusalem cus there are so many palestinians there and it would be like spitting in its own face. it would be like going into war with all the world, including muslims as well. it would also lose its place with its own people. I doubt isreal wouldn't retaliate, and I think i know of a few big cities atleast which could be wiped out (irans capital has something like 7million pop) which would be easy targets, taking into account that iran doesn't have any advanced anti missile systems. so do you think iran would dare?
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french stratege       5/2/2009 7:07:48 PM
It is very unlikely that Iran will attack Israel with atomic weapons.
Their strategy is to use atomic weapon to deter Israel (and western countries) to any reprisal and to wage "eternal" war to Isreal by terrorists and proxies and weapon sales or gifts to any ennemy of Israel like Hezbollah or Syria in order to get Israel will to survive to vanish, its weapons spending unbearable to local population, and its population lo leave.
This make Iran also popular in arabs population against the will of their pro western Gulf arabs monarchies which are likely to bow to Iran domination considering their internal threat, to preserve their power and wealth.
At the end result is the same, Israel is destroyed as a state, while Iran has no inconvenient and is not destroyed, and dominate middle east.
Even Iran is friendly with Lebanon Shiites, Israel is not the main target, but only an utility tool in order to dominate middle east by winning heart and souls of local arabs, and expel westerners from middle east and oil fields.Of course value of Israel (i.e sionists for Iran) lives is zero for Iran.
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FJV    Except that   5/3/2009 8:32:22 AM
I don't see Iran becoming popular with Arabs.
- They are Persians (racism is the norm in that region).
  This comes complete with a of bad experiences between Persians and Arabs.
- They are Shia heretics from the Arab viewpoint.
- Their attempt to become popular with Arabs by championing the Palestinian cause failed.
  So if history is an indicator, we can expect an equal amount of faillure in the future.
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french stratege       5/3/2009 2:04:37 PM
- Their attempt to become popular with Arabs by championing the Palestinian cause failed.
I 'm not sure they try to become popular with arabs by championing the Palestinian cause.
What they just need it is just arabs opinion being and staying involved in the Palestinian cause and challenging their pro western governement.
The pro palestinian and/or islamic arab guy says "how, Iranians are helping Palestinian to recover their freedom aginst bloody sionists, and our corrupted pro US governement does nothing"
Just sufficient to promote sunni terrorists within pro western arabs states against their own governement as long as Palestinian-Israeli conflict stay alive.
And you can be sure that Iranian will pond gazoline on fire in middle east for the next decades...and likely secured under their conventional and nuclear deterrent.
Just to get sure that western position become unbearable in the Gulf.
As long western countries support Israel agaisnt Palestinian and Hezbollaz, they become unpopular in arabs states and promote sunni terrorism.And likely have to deal first with stability of sunni regimes who are damn scared by what Iranian do or could do.
Iranian primary ennemies is not Israel but are USA, then France and UK.
And use Isreal problem to give problems to USA, then France and UK with their pro western Gulf allies and their population and to get sunni terrorist agaisnt them for the next decades until they give up and let futur Iran (with a massive military potential build on its own in the next decades) , to remain the most powerfull nation in middel east.
Iranian strategy works....until the day western powers may preemptively attack Iran and destroy it before Iran become too strong and can directly threaten them on their soil with nukes.
But Iran is smart and not developping missile above 3000 km range until now, using space program to develop ICBM and avoid to give justification to any preemptive attack.
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