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Subject: with a wink and a nod
sofa    3/6/2006 7:31:18 PM
US puts boots on ground in Iran. China gets Spratleys (surely not Taiwan). Russia gets strong position in oil/energy, until Iran/Iraq production returns (and much needed influx of cash).
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Decimatus    RE:with a wink and a nod   4/3/2006 8:52:35 AM
The only thing China is getting out of this scenario is $100 a barrel for oil. Maybe they can work out a deal with their good buddy Russia for $80 a barrel.
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reefdiver    RE:with a wink and a nod   4/3/2006 12:07:59 PM
I'm sure Russia would love to see China more dependent on Russian oil. An attack on Iran might however actually benefit China long term as Iran might work to send even more of its oil to China rather than the west. This is of course unless the US destroys Irans oil infrastructure which is quite doubtful.
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mustavaris    RE:with a wink and a nod   4/3/2006 12:48:28 PM
If they really want to decitimate Iran... Take over the oilfields; some 10% hold about 90% I think. And those areas are just behind the border. No, it won´t probably happen, but it would be the only option besides all out war [if the military stand off begins]. Then the USA would really be the evil imperialist oil devouring Satan. China dependent on Russian oil would be the wet dream of Russia... hold the east and west on their knees and make them jump on order. Slava!
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