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Subject: My Historical Research on the ITalians in the Vietnam War-Can you help me, please?
diego-roma    3/24/2011 11:50:22 AM
Dear Friends,I intend to publish my historical research on the Italian soldiers in the Vietnam War and would be very grateful if you could give any information,documents and images of Italians (not Italian-Americans, but recent immigrants born in Italy, soldiers, volunteers, contractors, secrets agents, pilots, former Foreign Legionnaires of the French Legion, civilians, etc.) who collaborated “not officially” (CIA and Defence Intelligence Agency covert actions) with the Armed Forces U.S. in the Vietnam War between 1963 and 1975.You knew also Italians engaged in the Vietnam war? They were missionaries,doctors, diplomats, journalists or other? Can you help me, please? Please contact me ONLY at Thank you very much for your precious collaboration. Yours sincerely, Diego Verdegiglio, Via Romei 27-00136 Roma, Italia,
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