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Subject: Commanders of MACV
USAF/milhistlover    1/20/2005 10:52:30 PM
Who was better: Westmoreland or Abrahms, as the comander of MACV?
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TriggaFingaz    Not so sure   3/13/2005 10:54:15 AM
I think many would choose CW Abrams becoz he was less about attrition and more on pacification and Vetnamisation. I don't really have much opinion myself.
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Carl S    RE:Not so sure   10/23/2005 11:09:53 PM
After wading through every page of 'Westys' autobiography I had a firm opinion of him as a inferior military leader. Abrams appears more of a combat leader or warrior. Westmoreland seemed unable to grasp the nature of the war he was in.
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Clackers       11/13/2007 11:55:56 PM
They really had different objectives, milhistlover ... Westmoreland to win the war, Abrams to disengage from it ...
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