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Subject: Tet offensive
BUSHBABY    7/17/2007 5:16:10 PM
The Tet Offensive was lauched as an last ditch assault to win the war against the Americans. It was lauched as an applicated all out assault to overrun the American defenses. When the initial attack was lauched the VC were hoping to overrun the vital bases that were placed along the DMZ. The two bases that were placed along the very edge of the had two different purposes. One was supposed to protect the border between Cambodia and South Vietnam while the other was suppose to serve as the main defensive and offensive coordinator to the whole demiliterized zone. Taking out htis base would mean that several thousands of American troops would be cut off and prone to be killed by the VC or the harsh jungle elements. If the base at the Cambodian fell the VC would be able to pour across the border into Sout Vietnam. The other two objectives of the offensive was to capture the cities of Hue and Saigon. These two cities were vital to American success for to two reasons. The city of Hue was a major American sea port for supplies and Saigon was the whole base of intelligence and operations. If either one of the cities were lost the consequences could be devastating. When the initail attack was launched by the Vietnamese the Americans made adjustments to the offensive quickly. Perhaps one of the most important adjustments was the heavy air bombing that took place. Without the air bombing there may have been a good chance that we could have lost this offensive. By the end of the offensive nothing had been gained by the Veitnamese. In fact the only conclusion to the offensive was thousands of burnt acres of trees and tens of thousands of dead troops and civilians.
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Clackers       11/13/2007 11:30:12 PM
Actually, there were a lot of consequences out of Tet, Bushbaby.
In the South, the NLF couldn't get the local cities to join in their uprising, suffered huge casualties, and their generals lost any influence over their Northern counterparts.
In North Vietnam, moderates like Giap who preferred guerilla warfare and international negotiation won out over hardliners who wanted conventional military operations, like Le Duan.
In the States, Westmoreland, Macfarlane and Johnson were finished ...
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Dela1000       6/20/2009 1:49:35 PM
I agree with the first reply, the tet offensive was actually a major US military victory over the VC/ NLF.  The VC/NLF after the offensive could no longer support themselves as a separate entity and had to be supported by the NVA.  The only thing that the Tet offensive did was win the war by making the American people think that the war would never end.
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