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Subject: Sources??
Carl S    3/3/2006 11:49:53 PM
I'm looking for descriptions of the battles of this war. Any recomendations? Books, magazine articals, anything?
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Seeker    RE:Sources??   3/4/2006 3:55:12 PM
Anthony Corrdesman "The Lessons of Modern War Vol-3 'The Iran Iraq War'" Tom Cooper had a good book on aspects of the Airwar, but I can't remember the title at this moment.
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Carl S    RE:Sources??   5/2/2006 7:38:51 AM
Seeker...thanks for the info. looks like there is not much interest in this war.
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Cato    RE:Sources??   5/2/2006 4:44:32 PM
Kenneth Pollack's "Arabs at War 1948-1991" has some good info WRT to war. Mostly from the Iraqi side. Cato
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S-2    RE:Sources?/Carl S. Reply   5/2/2006 9:27:19 PM From your buddies. Note the date.
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Carl S    RE:Sources??   5/5/2006 7:10:22 PM
Thanks again. I need to ransack the military periodicals & gather the bits there.
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