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Subject: Macedonia
visar    7/19/2001 11:40:47 PM
I'm very interested on the latest developments in Macedonia.Most of all, i'm very interested on the equipment of the UCK(NLA).As i explored some websites i found out that this newly born army is very well equiped and im very proud of that.I believe that its worth fighting or even dying for the causes they are fighting.The causes they are fighting are first of all to protect their own families who face everyday shelling by macedonian army.Why cant Macedonian army fight with the NLA but with the Albanian popullation in Macedonia????Thats because NLA is too strong for them
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Macedonia    RE:Macedonia   7/20/2001 12:45:44 PM
The NLA are terrorists who don't deserve our support. Greater Albania? Don't make me laugh!
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Sipo    RE:Macedonia   7/20/2001 3:02:44 PM
I do not think that I will be quite as concise has the last post, but visar, I think you need to explore this issue a little further. The Macedonian government used the police for long time, as the terrorist most of whom came over the boarder from Kosovo continued to strike the Army was called in to deal with them. Most of the resident Albanians in Macedonia were asked to evacuate the towns where the terrorist had set up their operations before the Government began shelling the areas. As for your assertion that the Army is afraid of engaging these terrorists on the field of battle, it is not the Army that is hiding. These terrorist are not fighting for their families since the majority of the fighters come from Kosovo, they want to create a greater Albania by annexing Kosovo, and northern Macedonia. I very much doubt that anyone believes that if they were given this land they would stop there.
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Mark    RE:Macedonia   7/29/2001 1:07:59 AM
I hope everyone knows that Greece and Bulgaria have promised troops to Macedonia to prevent its, being overthrown by the KLA.This is a religous war not a political one.
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John    RE:Macedonia   7/29/2001 1:29:52 AM
It can be a religious war AND a political war. I'm not sure what you mean by a religious war. do you mean a crusade or Jihad? Isn't it more likely that religion is one of the issues which separates the groups, but the reasons for the conflict are economic or political?
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Mark    RE:Macedonia   7/29/2001 4:18:01 PM
No,study your history!This conflict dates back to when the Turks controlled the Balkans.Old hatreds die hard.
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John    RE:Macedonia   7/30/2001 12:55:39 AM
Study your own bloody history, you patronising tit! Old hatreds die hard and pomposity seems to be alive and well too! When push comes to shove it's all about economics. Why do you think the Albanians converted to islam in the first place? It's all about who's going to be top-dog and religion is just one way of differentiating the different groups. Study your history and you'll see that the Balkans has been a battle ground since well before Roman times. It's the meeting point of east and west and north/south to a lesser degree. Look at the land, it is a small fertile plain dominated by mountains. There isn't enough to go round and that fact lies at the bottom of all these conflicts.
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Mark    RE:Macedonia   7/30/2001 2:09:01 PM
The fact remains that Greece and Bulgaria will not let the KLA win.Janes calls NATO,s actions at present,a catastrophy in the making.That,s good enough for me.
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FalloutBoy    RE:Macedonia   8/21/2001 9:37:54 PM
Being an American, and proud, I still disagree with my nations current standing towards the insurgents. By not letting the country crush its own rebellions, it is sending a message to the world that terrorism and armed revolts do have political gains. For example, the recent truce has disarmed some of the rebels, but they already feel victorious because their demands were met. In addition, the EU and NATO forced the Ukraine to impose a self-declared arms embargo on Macedonia. Sadly, if the rebels do uprise again, the Macedonian army will be no match (Many of the NLA were originally in the KLA and trained by US and NATO special forces. These guys understand warfare well, and will easily cut Macedonia into bits)
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babba    to visar   4/5/2002 8:44:22 AM
Very intelligent... tell me if albanians gave back the arms in Macedonia who is shooting there now???
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SKENDERBEG to visar    RE:Macedonia   4/9/2002 2:39:41 PM
Right on my man... I agree with you 100% djali mir.........
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