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Subject: Are the Greeks insane?
SGTObvious    11/6/2004 12:40:44 PM
A little country names themselves "Macedonia" and now the Greeks are going crazy over it. Why? Who really cares what a little country calls itself? What's the problem? Greece is already using the name? So what? Who cares? We have a city in the USA named Athens. Are the Greeks going to demand we change it? Do they think this tiny little nation might someday want to conquer Macedonia, Greece, and start a war? Are they nuts? Greece is part of NATO- nobody is going to attack Greece as long as NATO holds, because anyone who attacks Greece will have to answer to the USA, the UK, the Poles, the Dutch, the Danes, and the Italians- WE will protect Greece because WE still remember what alliances are about. Are they afraid aircraft and ships will go to the wrong Macedonia because the pilots and navigators get confused? Not a problem- we have New Mexico, and across the border is Mexico, and very few people get confused. Who really cares what "FYROM" chooses to call itself. It is a free nation, the people there can call their nation whatever they want. If they want to call it Macedonia, North Greece, Lala-land, or even the United States of Former Yugoslavia, who cares? Okay, they can't name it Disneyland, because that's a trademark name. The Greeks need to take some medication and find a REAL problem to worry about because the name of a little country on their border is NOT a problem.
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Gothic Irishmen    RE:Are the Greeks insane?   11/8/2004 1:12:56 AM
agreed! couldnt have said it better.
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steved       3/3/2008 7:32:38 PM
My friend i find you right in what you saying but the name problem could be wosrt if you imagine Kossovo and Cyprus situations!Politicians would be wrong if they thought like you.just tell me WHATIF tommorow FYROM claim Thessaloniki as a new borders of their country because of the other and original Macedonians who live there and there are not minority ...majority!!!!?And I am not talking about war as you imagine!I am talking about negotiations and new treaties...and also WHATIF EU USA and other countries choose "wrong" and decide FYROM is right?Naming FYROM Macedonia could be fatal and dangerous choice for the stability of the Valkans.

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