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Subject: Turkey vs. Greece who better?
Irish Emo dudes    1/4/2007 7:32:39 PM
Greece spends 7 billion on their military and has american weapondry turkey spends 12 billion and also has american weapondry both used f-16's but turkey has ordered 100 f-35's not sure what greece is getting i think eurofighters...whose better militarily and who would win in a war (two different questions) and another thing i would like to know who is better trained?
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WarNerd       6/7/2013 1:29:49 AM
oh....ok it's only a normal thing with the press however as far as the helicopter was concerned photos were shown and the body of the heli and pictures were taken and the bulletholes were shown
Funny how none of the sources mention that. In fact they all say nothing was determined, so it could be a cover up.
Got a link for those photos in something official, like a (semi)reputable news site? One of the ones involved in creating the incident will do, since they would be the primary source.
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Jazz....       6/30/2013 8:37:16 AM
In a war between Greece and Turkey, Greece wins for certain.!!!
The reasons are simple.
1) Is not Greece vs Turkey, is Europe vs Turkey plus all the other nations that wait to get their land back.  (Armenia, Syria e.t.c) and perhaps Russia will have a strong interest to interfere in favor of Greece as well.
2) Greece has strong ties with both the West and Russia. Turkey has with none, the only ones that supports them a bit are the USA and those will not fight against everybody else (most of US allies) for them.
3) The last 200 years Greece not only liberated the today's Greek lands but also reached until Ankara and held back only after an allied treasury and the Bolsevic revolution. Is by luck that Turkey even exists today as a country.
4) On moral values which helps the political environment, Greece can claim 3 thousands of yeas of presence in what is today Turkey and a genocide against the unarmed indigenous Greeks of Asia Minor. So every potential gain for Greece can be permanent and recognized, while Turkey will not be able to get anything recognized.
5) The level of education in Turkey is limited and low. Any journalist says any truth goes to jail and the average person has a very low level of education and income. They are not getting taught their defeats (no one of them seems to know that they were loosing almost every war for a continues 300 years) and their mistakes and they live in a bubble.  They do not even recognize the genocides of the 20th century while the average Greek has a university degree. 
6) Greece has the best Nato pilots. They win every year the first prize.
7) Greece has the biggest commercial fleet in the world and an exceptional navy.
8) Israel an influential nation in the area is also now with the Greek side.
9) The conditions in the turkish army are horrible.
10) The turkish army couldn't deal with a few rebel Kurds, how is going to deal with Europe?
11) The average Greek knows well every mistake and every correct of the past. They know about the plots, the treasuries, the civil wars e.t.c, is difficult for them to repeat them. Also they know about the succesful tactics, strategies and spirit that let them to win. 
So is Greece for certain if you ask me, as if it is Italy vs Turkey will be Italy for certain as if it is France vs Turkey will be France for sure. Europe is on a different level.
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FrankCaffaro    foreign powers is the critical thing here   7/20/2013 9:39:17 PM
Push comes to shove US and EU will support Greece, ergo Turkey loses.  Many posters focus on Turkey's military assets but those quickly become worthless once the US/EU freezes Turkey's accounts and Lira becomes worthless; public support for such a war would instantly evaporate (not that it would exist to begin with).  And let's not forget that Turkey essentially has bad relations with every single one of its neighbors. The idea that they can move resources from the Iran/Iraq border to the west side of Turkey is patently absurd, unless of course they want to make Kurdistan a reality.
As for either army, the idea that they would put a formidable fight is probably absurd on both sides.  Training is abysmal and experience is nonexistent.   Never mind there is nowhere for infantry to fight, the land border in Thrace is not suitable for any kind of invasion force.  All of the fighting would be by Navy and a/f.  Since the a/f is basically well matched they would shoot eachother up enough that they would give up on that idea once they both start losing their prized planes.  And the Greek Navy could be expected to do a good job of defending the islands (never mind the locals).  The idea that Turkey could land significant troops by sea and supply them is absurd since they have basically never been able to do that.
Now let's suppose you are talking about a war in Cyprus with both sides dumping troops on either side of the island... that could get interesting. But foreign powers could disrupt it fairly effectively and end that kind of conflict pretty quickly. 
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Alexia       9/25/2013 1:20:33 PM

Turkey is capable of producing army stuff(electronics mostly ,artilery and APCs)Turkey is also developing it's own modern tank which is more like a copy of Merkava.
Turkish troops are very well trained.Equpments are similar but Turks prefer German made weapons
Turkish tank force is very large when compared to Greece
Turkey has plenty of Leopards and have a personel of 600 000 men(can be up to 10 million in a couple of weeks if necessary)
Because of the fights with PKK terrorists Turkey has very experienced troops and officers
Turkey has paratroopers and mountain commandos too
As I know Turkey has a longer period of training.The most important difference is military traditions(legendary Spartans do not exist any more ;) )
Being a soldier in Turkey(in every Turkic country since BC ) is a sacred thing.Turks adopted civilzed life from nomad life.Nomad people are tough warriors because they have to be like that.So genetically Turks are more willing to fight.Most of the Turks are nationalist too(and some are religious) so they can die  for their country easily as they did in independence war

None of them has better quality ships as I know but Turks have a larger navy(look for the home page of SP you can fidn info about navies)Turkish navy is ranked in top ten

Air force:Planes are very similar but again Turkey has a larger personal and fleet
Turkish pilots are known as the good ones in the world.They're also very experienced but Greeks are not bad either.Dogfights on Aegean Sea is a great exp for both sides.Both countries have planty of air force defence systems.Turkey can produce it own systems
(Last time in a crash a Greek pilot died)

In a conflict Turks beat Greeks badly.After the earthquake there some new lands in the sea and both sides wanted to take them.Turkish intelligence screwed Greek's and 20 SAT commandos captured the island.Greeks learned this after 5 hours and some generals had to retire ;)

If war breaks(hope not) it will be up to air forces and navies.The border is full of mountains so an attack from there would be lethal for both sides.Turkish commandos are very experinced in this kind of war though
It would be very dangeours for palnes to advance either since both sides have a lot of AA stuff
+Greeks have most of the Islands with AAs
So Turkey must go for it's navy.Taking over the Islands one by one just like pacific war.After that a massive amphibious assault must begin with air support.If Turks can pass the mountains it would be easier.
Greeks probably can not take an cm2 land from Turkey

Well I'm a Turk so I was on Turkey's side but I don't think Greece can beat Turkey

hi there hun, i think your mistaken i think you got it the wrong way round greeks are the best shit turkey. first of all they are thieves for taking so many parts of greece and turned them into there shitty names. look if you really think they can beat Greece prove it I already have proof for many things that turkish are bull shit so yeah thanks for taking time in reading this honest statement :)


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tt03257       4/5/2014 2:36:46 PM
I personally believe that Greece would win, because geographically Greece is surrounded by many of their own allies, and countries such as Armenia that were massacred by Turkey. I also feel that Russia would have not problem to get involved, side they also historically have had problems with the Ottoman Empire. @import url(;
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tamaim       11/10/2014 3:13:45 PM
I don't believe everything relies on one's military's superiority....These people have soul...internal strength..versatility..they have proved it by overcoming such sufferings throughout the past...winning battles against strong and outnumbered enemies..If something of all these still exists inside Greeks nowadays, this is a very strong weapon...
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Han       11/22/2014 4:34:18 AM
Hahahaha greek guys so funny. Greece and armenia doesnt threat for us. Our enemies Russia and &&04;ran. they wants monopoly for middle east but yet we are not stronger enough for be included this game
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