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Subject: Turkey vs. Greece who better?
Irish Emo dudes    1/4/2007 7:32:39 PM
Greece spends 7 billion on their military and has american weapondry turkey spends 12 billion and also has american weapondry both used f-16's but turkey has ordered 100 f-35's not sure what greece is getting i think eurofighters...whose better militarily and who would win in a war (two different questions) and another thing i would like to know who is better trained?
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heraldabc    Give it a REST.   1/4/2012 7:10:12 PM
@ Dutchman
1. Greece is in NATO. So is Turkey. Neither was/is enamored of Russia.
2. The F-35 weapon system will tear any Euro-fighter force apart.  Its sensors and missiles are THAT good. Its why in the end Holland will buy it.
@ pgt397Greece
Put your own nation in order. At the moment, ALBANIA looks good in comparison to Greece.
An ally who wishes the best for both of you.
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Atmovat       1/5/2012 4:06:21 AM

ALBANIA looks good in comparison to Greece
Lol,u made up my day,nice joke
I cannot found exact information about their armory but in the best case scenario they have 150 1st gen MBTs.
Also they are using some M113s,BTR-50s and BTR-40s etc total 200 APCs (best case scenario).
They dont have any self-propelled artillery pieces or any capable AA system.
The Hellenic cost guard (not navy) can outperform the Albanian navy (just patrol boats etc)
And guess what....
They dont have fighter aircrafts
I am telling you that Greece can fight against Albania and Fyrom at the same time and still win.
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jomac    madness   4/10/2012 3:06:42 PM
as a neutral- I'm Irish-i find it amusing re the topic title-who would win.
firstly-no-one would win-neither country have the resources to maintain a presence in either occupied country-britain tried it here and didnt succeed.
secondly- both countries would be ruined by the ensuing damage and sanctions-both navies and air power would be more or less destroyed or negated by losses and lack of spares/munitions due to embargoes/sanctions
i have studied the histories of both countrys-superb strategists and fighters.
proud peoples-respected the world over.
i suggest a more revolutionery idea
turkey is not acceptable at the moment to EU. 
greece -like ourselves-are in economic meltdown
instead of spending billions on arms-both countries should forge closer alliances-share ideas- believe me-the next threat to both nations-is closer to their borders than they think.
i hope both countrys can overcome their age-old differences-like we have with the Brits-its more fun kicking their ass in football
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EL HOPLITE       5/31/2012 8:38:49 PM
I Think the write qestion is Turkey vs Greece ?
Turkey is an agessive country that trying to get back from histoty the Ohtoman Empire.This is the policy that anouncent from
the vise president.
And now they are more agressive because of the Gass & Oil explores at Cyprus & Aegean See.
There where be a War soon ,that is for sure,may be for a few days,but it is coming.
When Greece will anounce the leegal 12 miles of authority at Aegean,then the conflict will start. 
So who will win ? It  depens on many situations.But the truth is that Greece is very hard to Die.
Turkey can't invade to mainland Greece as there are a lot of defensive areas that can trap the atackers and bring many
casualties.This is very risky for the Turkish army as it might turn back and leave a gap for the Greek Forses to invade at
North - West Turkey.It happened almost again at 1920. 
I think the conflict will be a topic one,between 2-3 islands.There might be a lost for the Greeks but with many casualties
from the Turkish side.If the NATO dosent't take part to stop the War,then strategic attack's from the better trained & skilled Greek Air Forse will be on the menu.
How long the Turks will occupy the 2-3 Greek Island's ? As long they can hold the Greek navy.Unfortunattely for them,the Greek Navy is also more advance and expertise than theire own ones.
By the way,Turkey must ceap troops at the East Country side because of the liberation Kurdik army.
So,it will be an interesting conflict........but i hope at the end, peace will be the choice for both countries.
Greece spends 7 billion on their military and has american weapondry
turkey spends 12 billion and also has american weapondry
both used f-16's but turkey has ordered 100 f-35's not sure what greece is getting i think eurofighters...whose better militarily and who would win in a war (two different questions) and another thing i would like to know who is better trained?

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Heorot    EL HOPLITE   6/3/2012 9:57:49 AM
Delusional or what!
Of course Turkey could defeat Greece but why would they want that bankrupt sh1thole. Look at your history. Greece was part of the Ottoman Empire for 4 centuries and the Turk only granted independence to Greece when they realised that Greeks were more trouble than they were worth.
When Greece invaded Turkey after WW1 they got their arse kicked as soon as the British and French left them to fight on their own.  Useles military then, useless in WW! and no evidence that they are not useless today.
And I am not Turkish!
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EL HOPLITE       6/4/2012 8:48:49 AM
You might not be a Turkish,but for sure you don't have read very well the history,
so just try to read again and then we can have a new conversation.
It is obvieously that you don't now exactly what happened at WW 1 and WW 2.
Generaly i can tell you that the Greeks was under the rule of the Ohtoman empire since 1453 to 1821,
ut as you must know the mainland Greece is free now except the North West of Turkey ( Pontos - Black See ),
and the West Turkey ( Konstantinopolis,Efesos,Smyrni and etc.) that they are steel at occupation.
Because you must not forget that Turkey is a country-nation that arrived at the area and occupay territories of other
nations ( Greeks,Armenians,Kurds etc.) since 1.200 after the Seltzuks Turks.
They didn't always been at this area,but actually they have come from the Far East ,some where from Mongolia.
But the Greeks are located at this South East Europe area since 4.000 B.C. at least.
So if you can see the full picture ( The hole forest and not only the tree ) ,then you can see that Turkey is shrinking,
it is only a matter of time.
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Dionysos    From Greece   1/3/2013 7:29:13 AM
Oh, no you are wrong we can give a good fight anytime and you know it, you just want to reduce our fighting spirit because you are afraid of us because you know that Greece is at first place in number of war fights and we have a great experience of war. We have the right equipment and the will to defend our country any time if you dare to invade us, our sword will gladly meet you.
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cwDeici       1/3/2013 1:54:15 PM
Greece can't win in an attack of course.
However the belligerent is more likely to be Turkey.
Given a situation where somehow NATO doesn't manage to defuse this or intervene Greece might be able to hold it's own in defense. Turkey is steaming ahead of Greece at the moment it's true, but their progress is somewhat slowed by their insistence on a domestic arms industry and their persecution and replacement of their military elite.
Give it another 50 years of this sort of development though and it's no question, IF all other factors are somehow equal, which likely won't happen.
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cwDeici       1/3/2013 1:54:51 PM
Also, aren't Israel and Greece getting closer this day, since Turkey decided to dump their ally?
Well, I doubt Israel would go to war over Greece.
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Deran       2/5/2013 10:19:41 PM
1- NATO's second strongest army is Turkish Army itself.
2- Number of Military Vehicles as of 2013:
Total Aircrafts: Turkey: 1512 / Greece: 523
Total Helicopters: Turkey: 570 / Greece: 50
Total Navy Ships: Turkey: 183 / Greece: 133 
Total Tanks: Turkey: 4460 / Greece: 1244
( ;" target="_blank">link - "The new "Altay" tank is set to become one of world's most advanced combat platforms of its type - it is made by Turks as well)
Total AFVs: Turkey: 7133 / Greece: 2633
Total Mortars: Turkey: 8840 (Hence the war against the PKK terrorism on mountains for years) / Greece: 4065 
 Total Anti-Tanks: Turkey: 47025 / Greece: 35034
Ok those are the general numbers taken from GFP which are given from the countries themselves. Not to count army size of course.
In case of a war, manpower fit for Military Service: Turkey: 35.005.326  Greece: 4.048.930
(Population reaching Military age annually: Turkey: 1.307.470 / Greece: 102.239)
3. Economy/Military Budget: 
Military Budget: Turkey: 18.687.000.000 $ / Greece: 7.502.000.000 $
The interesting part. In a war one of your main problems will be oil:
Oil Consumption/day: Turkey: 509500 bbl / Greece: 414400 bbl
Reserves: Turkey: 270.400.000 bbl / Greece: 10.000.000.
Oil production/day: Turkey: 45740 / Greece: 1751
4. Training and Experience:
Turkish Army: 6-15 months of military training / Greece: 9 months of military training
About experience since 1980's Turkish army has been fighting against the terrorists PKK on the mountains non-stop = Very experienced ground troups and air force.
Well Turkish Commando's are well known if not by western parts, surely by eastern regions. Commando's are trained to survive without any ration for days, without being seen or heard on the mountains.
As far as i know the last real Greek Combat experience was that Greek Volunteer Guard (not greek army) fought alongside the Serbians in 1990's.
5. Not so Distant Past: Turkish Independence War  (" target="_blank">link )
"On October 30, 1918, the Armistice of Mudros... was signed between the Ottoman Empire... and the Allies of World War I..., bringing hostilities in the Middle Eastern theatre of Worl... to a close. The treaty granted the Allies the right to occupy forts controlling the Straits of the Dardanelles... and the Bosporus...; and the right to occupy "in case of disorder" any territory in case of a threat to security. Somerset Arthur Gough-Calthorp... the British signatory of the Mudros Armistice—stated the Triple Entente...′s public position that they had no intention to dismantle the government of the Ottoman Empire or place it under military occupation by "occupying Istanbul...". However, dismantling the Ottoman government and partitioning the Ottoman Empire among the Allied nations had been an objective of the Entente since the start of the war." (Hence they even planned which regions goes to who, Guess who wanted "&&04;stanbul" lol)
Anyway long story short Ottoman's have been decieved. All Turkish army have been scattered, all weapons taken. 
A nation with scattered armies and no weapons left against the armies of: Greece, Armenia, French, UK, Italy, Georgia.. 35000 people at first at 1919, becoming an army of 315000 till 1922 (23000 of which died of hunger and/or diseases under the bad conditions), against a total of 520000+ weaponized army.
 I gave you all the links to most recently updated, world's most trusted sites. Wish before 30 pages of discussion people actually really read some stuff and made some real research.
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