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Subject: Turkey vs. Greece who better?
Irish Emo dudes    1/4/2007 7:32:39 PM
Greece spends 7 billion on their military and has american weapondry turkey spends 12 billion and also has american weapondry both used f-16's but turkey has ordered 100 f-35's not sure what greece is getting i think eurofighters...whose better militarily and who would win in a war (two different questions) and another thing i would like to know who is better trained?
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Hastatii       1/5/2007 3:58:06 AM
I believe Turkey will win the war of attrition (at least on paper), both are evenly matched in quality in relation to equipment, in terms of training im not to sure. Greece is a relatively small country with a population of 11.5 million, while turkey has over 70 million. As you mentioned, both have very similar equipment, F-16 block 52s making up the majority of the upcoming fleets, but what matters most, is the performance levels of these aircraft, i..e. What components were included or excluded, in the sale from the US. All export aircraft, are not of US standard, but to put it simplitically 'downgraded'. As both have no significant amph capability, i dont see a respectable invasion force to face off the defending army. The air and sea war will, play a major role in anywar between these two nations.
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kane       1/5/2007 9:51:15 AM
(All Nato things and other countries are excluded)

I think Turkey would win
If we exclude Huns Turks beat Greeks since 1071.Greeks lived under Turkish occupation for 400 years

Turkey's industry is better than Greece's
Turkey's population and manpower is 7 times bigger than Greece
Turkey is capable of producing army stuff(electronics mostly ,artilery and APCs)Turkey is also developing it's own modern tank which is more like a copy of Merkava.
Turkish troops are very well trained.Equpments are similar but Turks prefer German made weapons
Turkish tank force is very large when compared to Greece
Turkey has plenty of Leopards and have a personel of 600 000 men(can be up to 10 million in a couple of weeks if necessary)
Because of the fights with PKK terrorists Turkey has very experienced troops and officers
Turkey has paratroopers and mountain commandos too
As I know Turkey has a longer period of training.The most important difference is military traditions(legendary Spartans do not exist any more ;) )
Being a soldier in Turkey(in every Turkic country since BC ) is a sacred thing.Turks adopted civilzed life from nomad life.Nomad people are tough warriors because they have to be like that.So genetically Turks are more willing to fight.Most of the Turks are nationalist too(and some are religious) so they can die  for their country easily as they did in independence war

None of them has better quality ships as I know but Turks have a larger navy(look for the home page of SP you can fidn info about navies)Turkish navy is ranked in top ten

Air force:Planes are very similar but again Turkey has a larger personal and fleet
Turkish pilots are known as the good ones in the world.They're also very experienced but Greeks are not bad either.Dogfights on Aegean Sea is a great exp for both sides.Both countries have planty of air force defence systems.Turkey can produce it own systems
(Last time in a crash a Greek pilot died)

In a conflict Turks beat Greeks badly.After the earthquake there some new lands in the sea and both sides wanted to take them.Turkish intelligence screwed Greek's and 20 SAT commandos captured the island.Greeks learned this after 5 hours and some generals had to retire ;)

If war breaks(hope not) it will be up to air forces and navies.The border is full of mountains so an attack from there would be lethal for both sides.Turkish commandos are very experinced in this kind of war though
It would be very dangeours for palnes to advance either since both sides have a lot of AA stuff
+Greeks have most of the Islands with AAs
So Turkey must go for it's navy.Taking over the Islands one by one just like pacific war.After that a massive amphibious assault must begin with air support.If Turks can pass the mountains it would be easier.
Greeks probably can not take an cm2 land from Turkey

Well I'm a Turk so I was on Turkey's side but I don't think Greece can beat Turkey

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DynamicTraveler       1/5/2007 10:55:13 AM
How is the conflict started?  What is the objective of the war?
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Scratchie    Turkey vs. Greece who better   1/5/2007 6:49:30 PM
I think Turkish army and air force is better, but I heard that the Greeks have a better navy). I am not really sure what the outcome would be in case of a war, but if Greece attacked Turkey, Greece would lose most of its army. I really hope we stay away from any war for our own good (both Greece and Turkey)
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Irish Emo dudes       1/7/2007 2:38:42 PM
but could turkey overcome the defense of a country where it has traditionally put up a very tough defense. like how they stopped the italians in ww2 and the bulgarians in ww1? and will turkeys air superiority spill the end to the greek navy?
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kane       1/7/2007 4:14:13 PM
Well as I said there is a river in border and mountains after that
Without support from outside(both sides) Turkey can take over Greece
Islands can be taken easily I guess but main land
Well their population is low so it would be easy to control
Turkish troops are pro of fighting guerialls.Thats what we have been doing for 20 years
Greece can only stop Turkey I do not think they have the logistics and the power to move in
Air superiority is the key(well it always was)
If Turkish troops land directly to main places(athens) Turkey can take over Greece in a short time

But of course no one can tell the future
Defending your mainland makes you feel brave
Greek did put up a good fight aganist Italians and Germans in WW1

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mithradates       1/7/2007 6:01:19 PM
Assume no outside support, Turkey should be able to take over Greece.  The Greeks can't build any of their own weapons for one thing.
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Irish Emo dudes       1/7/2007 11:39:27 PM
ok then if there was a war between greece and turkey do you think their would be intervention by countries or nato or EU? i mean that would be weird for Nato because they are both members...what about cyprus what would happen there? i would think turkey had allies in nations like bulgaria or macedonia or albania (also muslim) what do you think? and greece do they have any allies?
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Ehran       1/7/2007 11:57:08 PM
there are 5-6 turks for every greek.  weaponry being generally similar the sheer numbers are likely going to be unstoppable.
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smitty237       1/8/2007 5:39:37 AM
I think it would depend upon the circumstances and where the war was fought.  If Greece invaded Turkey I think the Turks would win.  If the Turks invaded Greece I think the Greeks could force a strategic stalemate.  Both nations are Western and have access to the internet and media, so it becomes a question of how many casualties the citizens of both countries can tolerate.   In both cases once the casualty reports started rolling in and mothers of dead soldiers started showing up on TV I'm sure public support for a protracted campaign would start to wane.  I'm sure NATO pressure would also be intense, with some of the major NATO countries threatening to cut off military aid.  The aggressor country would surely already know this and would try to achieve its military goals as quickly as possible so it will be in a good bargaining position when a ceasefire is declared. 
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