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Subject: Militarily Checking the USA
Herc the Merc    5/16/2006 1:20:44 PM
What would be the minimum force levels required to CHeck the USA excluding its allies military-but including its overseas captive bases 1) It has 11 carrier groups & subs and a Big airforce & etc etc. Its a big question, but there are 5 major powers that can do it (at big expense to its economy) Russia, China, France, UK, India-- but what is the material requirement. At this time to me it appears that only Russia can scale up with homemade weaponry-- The first objective to defeat the US military is attack its navy---how and how many of what would be needed. So goal#1 Checking the MIGHTY FORMIDABLE & #1 Naval force in the world today-->> Take a shot
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french stratege    RE:Militarily Checking the USA   5/16/2006 1:23:52 PM
India can not do it.They don't have enough yet indigneous technology. Germany or Japan, if they go nukes to deter have more military potential.
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Herc the Merc    RE:Militarily Checking the USA   5/16/2006 1:32:25 PM
Well there are other countries-but more to the point whats the plan to disable or destroy the US Navy. ie Material requirements. Take a small thing like taking out the 11 aircraft carriers to start--can anyone even do that?? Just the 11 Big Ships out there---
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S-2    RE:Militarily Checking the USA   5/16/2006 2:09:32 PM
Why? You propose to attack our aircraft carriers? An alliance against us? This next comment should not be viewed as jingoistic. Please don't. However, the United States of America remains the greatest force for good in the world, and has been since December, 1941. The U.S. Armed Forces remain the greatest instrument of that goodwill in the world today. To read this thread reminds me just how envious some people appear at this fact. Our power is no unearned gift. Hard work and good intentions lie behind our success. We bear no ill will to any nation, to include Iran. We are not omnipotent. Many issues remain in many places-N. Korea, Sudan, Somalia, Pakistan, and Colombia immediately come to mind. Afghanistan remains a serious, ongoing concern to all nations, I would guess. I should think it better were these nations to invest, as America, in addressing these issues, instead of their self-interested, decidedly narrow, rather nationalistic and THREATENING postures. The continued maintenance of our global trading markets is an important objective. This global market has fueled the recent successes of both the PRC and India, and account for the emergance of S. Korea, Japan, and Germany as powerful trade partners. This is no small matter for most working people. Are you that certain of poor stewardship under "Pax Americana"? Can you imagine American companies without back-room Indian employees? Or a textiles market unavailable to Chinese industry? That's what your topic seemingly points toward, ultimately. Disturbing intentions.
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Herc the Merc    RE:Militarily Checking the USA   5/16/2006 2:24:34 PM
It is just a military question---the point is we are militarily indescutible, what would a potential rival need as a minimum, it appears the Chinese Pacific sub fleet is scaling up to 90 subs. THere is no other intent as I do not forsee any major threat to US but what would be the rivals minimum capability have to be-thats all--
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yakeepi    RE:Militarily Checking the USA   5/16/2006 2:33:55 PM
>>Take a small thing like taking out the 11 aircraft carriers to start<< LOL, 11 aircraft carriers are not a particular big force for big power conflict. Go back to WWII history to check. And USNY used 8 and 7 aircraft carriers for Gulf War and Iraq War, plus land based airforces, for such a small country.
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Herc the Merc    RE:Militarily Checking the USA   5/16/2006 2:40:28 PM
Point is a single aircraft carrier group cannot be attacked and destroyed by China in the Ocean-- Lets say a single aircraft carrier group is of 500km from any Chinese military facility and I am playing Golf on the deck--My Golf ball hits ur Chinese Admirals head(a 500km drive)--China threatens retaliation--so what u gonna do??
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yakeepi    RE:Militarily Checking the USA   5/16/2006 2:43:45 PM
>>Lets say a single aircraft carrier group is of 500km from any Chinese military facility and I am playing Golf on the deck<< Not a chance. The last USNV war simulation said that 4 ACs in west pacific and all their combat fighters can not reach the Chinese shore - the ships have to be kept far away from the attack, so they are all useless.
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yakeepi    RE:Militarily Checking the USA   5/16/2006 2:59:13 PM
The maxium number of your 11 ACs which can be used for combat at the same time is about 8 or 9. And 1/3 of the airplanes are reserved purly for defense purpose. The left 2/3 have to be divided into different shift/reserve/repair/refit etc. So at maxium you can use about 2-300 combat airplanes for the mission at the same time. That's not enough to attack any big 5s.
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Herc the Merc    RE:Militarily Checking the USA-Yakeepi   5/16/2006 3:14:38 PM
What would Chinas plan be to counter F-35s and F-22s?? They are impossible for China to counter.
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Herc the Merc    Also what is Chinas BVR capability??   5/16/2006 3:21:13 PM
Most of ur fighters would be shotdown before they could fire their missiles and thats against F-18s.
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