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Subject: Most Powerful Military of All Time in Terms of Global Percentage
Aeb4ever    1/13/2006 1:20:45 AM
What was the most powerful military of all time in terms of global share of military power? For example, the USA is currently ranked at having about 53% of total naval power. I am referring in terms of all branches vs the world. My votes would be either the Mongols at height, Romans at height, English at height, USA after WWII, or USA after Cold War. Can’t make a guess at each countries percentage though. Fell free to add your own list or make a guess at the percentages of mine.
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french stratege    RE:Most Powerful Military of All Time in Terms of Global Percentage : Turk   1/17/2006 6:36:41 PM
I would add that Venezian resisted during centuries and Venice was far to be a major military power.Compare to France or Germany whuch had at a time 40/45 % of whole world ground power, or China or Mongol or Roman Empire, Ottoman empire was decidly not a contender.
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kane    RE:turks   1/17/2006 7:03:40 PM
yes crusades were in the time of seljuks but ottoman's also defeated a crusade navy at preveze. after suleiman's death ottomans slowed down.And than they became weak and weak till WW1.It was their end. But Turkish invasion could go on. An attack on Vienna was about the begin.Since there was no big cannons the siege was cancelled.In the other one reinforcements came and beat invincible army.. Ottomans were controlling over trade routes too.It's eceonomy was the greatest eceonomy-An emperor gave money that is equal to france's taxes for two years to malta just to keep Cem Sultan away from empire to stop a rebellion. -German leader sent gold for helping the build of a mosque.Emperor used the gold as building material huhueheuhe now this is power. Ottoman armies were generally crowded which gives great advantage on battlefield. +They were listening (the world's first military band)mehter band while fighting and it's music even makes me crazy. come on don't tell me that they were weak. i say :EUROPE WAS SMASHED UNDER TURKISH RULE AND NOW THEY ARE TAKING REVENGE BY EU RULEZ :D you may write comment with anger.BE CALM PLSS just read history books.Especially times after Fatih Sultan Mehmet till Kanuni Sultan Süleyman.
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kane    RE:Turks   1/17/2006 7:33:49 PM
of course i can say nothing about ROMANS(ATILLA(european hun leader) went to siege rome but pope spoke to him and he canceled siege) and CHINESE(which was beaten by METE HAN(Huns=TURKS).Turks didn't invaded inner parts becuse they were scared to lose their culture(cause turks were nomad)) this proof of weak nomads.nomads had strong armies but for shorth times.that is not power. They were the greatest empires this world has ever seen. But Mongols-It wasn't an empire.Those were their lands but they were not able to defend them.They were nomad they were always changing places.If they were powerfull they had to stay longer than they did in history. +Mongols were influenced by turks because Huns,Gokturks and Uygurs ruled over them.They are very similar to Turks they destroyed Seljuks empire and mixed with them.they were a part of ottomans after that. +Ottomans had to fight southeast-Persians balkans-revolts-austria and hýngary-germans northeast-russians while they were weak(weaker than old times) lets agree that ottomans were powerfull and between some centuries(not giving the years to be sure) they were invincible
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Ehran    RE:Ehran   1/18/2006 1:18:07 PM
i would be inclined to argue that using civilians as cover for military shipments on board liners probably wasn't all that significant. first off we know the germans were willing to sink ships indiscriminately so as a protective measure it doesn't amount to much. liners were fast which with the crude torpedoes of the day made them tough targets to hit. they didn't have a great deal of cargo space but their speed made them handy for priority shipments as well as items you didn't want to have to send again.
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Ehran    RE:turks   1/18/2006 1:22:54 PM
In the other one reinforcements came and beat invincible army.. kane an invincible army by definition cannot be defeated ;)
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Hugo    RE:Ehran   1/19/2006 11:54:06 AM
Not all that significant? The propaganda effect of the Lusitania was huge and helped the US find an excuse to go to war. Germany didn't attack passenger liners throughout the war indiscriminately. They resumed their attack on liners when it became clear to them that the Brits were using them as military transports. The Germans even ran advertisements in US papers telling people not to get on ships like the Lusitania because they had become legitimate military targets. If there was a Geneva Convention in those days the Brits would have been in the e.
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Ehran    RE:Ehran   1/19/2006 4:09:09 PM
lusitania was american flagged wasn't it? that being the case how would the british be at fault if a "neutral" flagged vessel carried military supplies into a war zone?
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Hugo    RE:Ehran   1/20/2006 4:28:04 PM
No, the Lusitania was a British boat belonging to Cunard. THe US of Americans didn't tend to name their ships after regions of Europe.
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Hugo    Could it be any more clear?   1/20/2006 4:34:22 PM
NOTICE! TRAVELLERS intending to embark on the Atlantic voyage are reminded that a state of war exists between Germany and her allies and Great Britain and her allies; that the zone of war includes the waters adjacent to the British Isles; that, in accordance with formal notice given by the Imperial German Government, vessels flying the flag of Great Britain, or any of her allies, are liable to destruction in those waters and that travelers sailing in the war zone on the ships of Great Britain or her allies do so at their own risk. IMPERIAL GERMAN EMBASSY, Washington, D.C. April 22, 1915
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ProDemocracy    RE:Could it be any more clear?-Hugo,Ehran   1/20/2006 5:13:33 PM
The Lusitania was indeed carrying contraband:
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