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Subject: Most Powerful Military of All Time in Terms of Global Percentage
Aeb4ever    1/13/2006 1:20:45 AM
What was the most powerful military of all time in terms of global share of military power? For example, the USA is currently ranked at having about 53% of total naval power. I am referring in terms of all branches vs the world. My votes would be either the Mongols at height, Romans at height, English at height, USA after WWII, or USA after Cold War. Can’t make a guess at each countries percentage though. Fell free to add your own list or make a guess at the percentages of mine.
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Hugo    RE:Danish Empires   1/16/2006 4:08:59 PM
With all due respect gentlemen, I think you're confusing Denmark with the Netherlands who has a number of posessions in the Caribbean. Denmark has ilands but they are scattered north of Scotland. Both Denmark and the Netherlands I like very much - good folk.
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TheArmchairCmd    RE:Danish Empires   1/16/2006 4:16:32 PM
I happen to be a Dane with origins from the scattered islands north of Scotland known as the Faeroe Islands. Btw, the Kingdom of Denmark also includes Greenland. Danish West Indies From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Danish West Indies (DWI, Dansk Vest Indien) are a former colony of Denmark in the Caribbean, now known as the U.S. Virgin Islands. Jomfruøerne ("Virgin Islands") was the Danish geographic name for the Virgin Islands. The Danish West India and Guinea Company settled on St. Thomas island first in 1672, expanding to St. John in 1683 (a move disputed with the British until 1718), and purchasing St. Croix from the French West Indies Company in 1733. In 1754, the islands were sold to the Danish king, becoming royal Danish colonies. At times during the Napoleonic Wars, the islands were occupied by the British; first from March 1801 to 27 March 1802, and then again from December 1807 to 20 November 1815, when they were returned to Denmark. On 12 December 1916, the islands were sold to the United States, which was interested because of their strategic position near the approach to the Panama Canal. Danish administration officially ended 31 March 1917. ;) TAC
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PeregrinePike    RE:Now you Brits know what it feels like to be an American.   1/16/2006 4:18:33 PM
>> Having the World look at you under a microscope and telling you how insignificant you are. This is what we deal with day in, day out.... -- The Lizard King << Getting a bit dirty, arent we? It may yet turn out that you started gloating quite prematurely. Your arguments werent all really water-proof in the first place. The reason I dont point out the many holes is that I enjoy seeing the Brits bashed for their Evil Empire. But you using your false victory to further your agenda of an equally repugnant idea of another empire might just tip the scales against you.
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PeregrinePike    RE:and the Arabs   1/16/2006 4:25:41 PM
But were they all Arabs? As I understand much of the conquering was done on the behalf of Arabs and Islam by the various Turkic, Afghan and North African tribesmen. Werent "pure" Arab armies of conquest limited to modern Middle East, and elsewhere in purely advisory/symbolic nobility roles?
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Hugo    Tac ArmchairGeneral   1/16/2006 4:29:55 PM
But, really that's my point, Aruba is Dutch and the Danes haven't been in the Caribbean for a long while. Denmark used to have a colony in what is now the US but that didn't last long either.
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Hugo    RE:and the Arabs   1/16/2006 4:32:46 PM
No doubt you're right, Saladdin was a Kurd and I suspect that the best soldiers of Islam were not Arabs who, if recent history has anything to suggest, aren't born fighters. Their trading colonies were pretty solid with them being present in China and South East Asia well before the Europeans got there and Swahili which is spoken in large swathes of Eastern Africa is derived from Arabic.
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TheArmchairCmd    RE:Tac ArmchairGeneral   1/16/2006 4:32:48 PM
Lolz! It was no me, but TLK who said Aruba as a joke. :D
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Hugo    RE:Tac ArmchairGeneral   1/16/2006 4:46:18 PM
Gammeldansk anyone? Funny story I was told by my uncle who has a lot of friends in the Danish army that might appeal to you ArmchairGen. Gammeldansk is a hard Danish licquor that has a lid with a Danish flag style logo and the Gammeldansk name. When the Danish army was stationed in Bosnia they were responsible for a certain area and when people wanted to enter or leave the area they needed the permission of the Danish troops. The Danes at one stage had no idea what the proper way was to offer this entry or exit visa so they took the lid of the gammeldansk and stamped passports with it. Little did the Bosnian passport holders know, or other Nato troops, that their documents had been stamped with the logo of a Danish distillery. What do they say about the mother of invention?
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TheArmchairCmd    RE:Tac ArmchairGeneral   1/16/2006 4:53:06 PM
Oh, you bet I liked that one. I have several friends who were down there. I'm gonna ask if they know it (they probably do). :)
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The Lizard King    RE:Now you Brits know what it feels like to be an American. -Pike   1/16/2006 5:14:21 PM
"Your arguments werent all really water-proof in the first place." This is a lighthearted thread. Many of the posters are just joking around. "But you using your false victory to further your agenda of an equally repugnant idea of another empire might just tip the scales against you." Sorry no idea what you are talking about. There is no victory or agenda on my part.
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