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Subject: Top 25 Armed Forces of the World
Scarface    8/18/2003 10:51:57 PM
This is the big mama jama...what 25 nations do you believe have the best nations in the world,pound for pound,air force,navy,strategic warfare,this is the end of all the top armed forces of the who do you think are the best 25 armed forces of the world?
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Scarface    RE:Top 25 Armed Forces of the World   8/19/2003 2:31:49 AM
1.USA 2.China 3.UK 4.Russia 5.France 6.India 7.Germany 8.Israel 9.South Korea 10.Italy 11.Turkey 12.Pakistan 13.Japan 14.North Korea 15.Taiwan 16.Australia 17.Canada 18.Indonesia 19.Iran 20.Sweden 21.Egypt 22.Ukraine 23.Mexico 24.South Africa 25.Vietnam
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usa_1    RE:Top 25 Armed Forces of the World   8/26/2003 11:50:59 PM
The U.S. has the greatest and most powerful military the world has ever seen! Bar none... When the U.S. and Britian are fighting side by side; there is no country or combination of countries that could conquer this combination of powers.
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Landser1944    RE:yeah right   11/16/2003 5:35:32 AM
No combination of forces could take on usa GB ? *g* I'd love to see china + russia + india + EU25(without britan) takeing on that challenge. And you have to keep in mind that us soldiers fight like chickens ;)
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Aussiegunner    RE:yeah right   11/16/2003 5:36:29 AM
Conquering and occupying a country with only 400 of your soldiers dead after 6 months, is in fact an unparallelled success in the history of warfare.
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UoUo    Scarface   11/16/2003 11:51:12 AM
you rate india over israel ? lol !!!
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ChdNorm    RE:Scarface   11/16/2003 12:08:00 PM
Ya know .. I find these top ten or top twenty five lists kind of stupid. Unless youre an Intell anylist or have access to ALL the data available form within each country there is no way for any of us to make any sort of qualified answer. Its all speculation and just pulling some wild guess out of your ass. Having said that ..... I will agree with the US/UK coalition being almost undefeatable. Being (as you even said) "harrassed" by lightly armed resistance in no way whatsoever constitues weakness or lack of prowess by any means. Exactly how does that disqualify the US from being the best? The present US military has done more in 6 months than anything the world has ever seen. As far as the US fighting like chickens ... youve evidently never been on the recieving end of US military power.
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Couac_Attack    RE:Top 25 Armed Forces of the World   11/16/2003 4:12:09 PM
Im tired of these ranking too .. Mhh .. US dont need uk to help them, UK dont apport them something that other nountry coundnt give to them .. SO the real big team is Russia/US . Mhhh, just say me how to defeat the dream team now .
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Mameluke    RE:Scarface   11/16/2003 10:35:16 PM
The Israelis fight like tigers, but India would crush em in a protracted war. Then again, how would they ever get at each other? If India and Israel were neighbours, and they went at it, Israel would stand no chance imo.
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UoUo    RE:Scarface   11/17/2003 5:23:03 AM
LOL wht cind of tanks india have ? what cind of missile ? israeli made...try to look how much weopns israel sold to india.... and don't forget that israel now have the large AIR FORCE in the world..(not include USA).
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DANJANOU    RE:Top 25 Armed Forces of the World   11/18/2003 5:44:04 PM
I'm with ChdNorm this whole list is rather pointless. First we has the top 10, now the top 25. What's next the top 50, 100, 500.? The rate we're going we might as well all head out to the parking lot, whip em out and get a ruler guys, because this is what this is turning into. You can't have a best list (and I wonder why bother) without setting some sort of parameters. What exactly are we looking at totla standing forces? number of divisons, air wings whatever? Throw weights? logistics? battle records? type of engagements? percentage of military versus total population and or GNP? Without any of that all you get is a cyber pissing contest with everyone listing their own country and a couple of other favourites and then trying to defend their own choices and attack others.
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