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Subject: Top Ten Armies of the World
Arditi    3/4/2004 3:54:10 PM
According to the CIA and other Intelligence Services (European, Asian, African) this is the tally - based on a Combination of Manpower, Technology, Firepower, Training, Resources, Available Reserves, and Nuclear Potential (Current or Likely): 1. USA 2. China 3. Germany 4. India 5. France 6. Russia 7. UK 8. Italy 9. Israel 10. Pakistan
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RM-Nod    RE:Top Ten Armies of the World   3/4/2004 4:01:55 PM
The CIA has made AND published a list? I find that a teensy bit hard to belive. Do you have a link?
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Arditi    RE:Top Ten Armies of the World   3/4/2004 5:54:36 PM
The Listing is from a Book "The World's Almanac" or something like that - published two years ago. There are no Authors other than from "CIA DATA." The evaluation is based on readily available/published information - hardly a secret. It is my understanding that the Almanac is published on a Yearly basis.
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fall out    RE:Top Ten Armies of the World   3/4/2004 7:10:46 PM
apart from the US, i dont agree with any of the other spots on the lists. manpower aint everything brother (ie China). ;) Now and the future belongs to quality, not quantity.
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RM-Nod    RE:Top Ten Armies of the World   3/4/2004 7:17:37 PM
Who is the book published endorsed by? Janes? I agree with fallout. Apart from the US's placement the rest seems mixed up. I mean with China in second place it seems to be based largley on numbers as China has little else. Then there is Germany, again this is all well and good but it's not a huge military and it's industry and technology are not that different from France's (I would say France is better) and France's armed forces are actually larger than Germany's so why is France after India who doesn't have that great a defence industry and who's only real advantage is size and nukes. I could go on but it would take ages. Can you post somemore details on the source of this list.
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Ex98C    RE:Top Ten Armies of the World   3/4/2004 8:52:53 PM
Sounds like they are using the CIA wourld Fasctbook as a source....the only problem is that the factbook doesn;t do any ranking. I don;t know of anyone who would currently rank Germany as the 3rd most powerful military in the world
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fall out    RE:Top Ten Armies of the World - CIA   3/5/2004 3:59:38 AM
true, and the berlin wall is still up and the soviet union is still a threat! haha ;)
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sooner    RE:Top Ten Armies of the World   3/7/2004 9:25:48 AM
This lineup is a complete joke. Sorry. China, Germany & India are way out of place. The UK is a little far down the list for my liking. Try again pal.
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RM-Nod    RE:Top Ten Armies of the World   3/7/2004 9:29:13 AM
Sooner, I don't think arditis coming back. If I remember correctly his last words were "typical anglo response, I can see my intelligence is lost here so I won't be returning" what a strange little man (?) he was. I'll miss him (I could have done with a laugh) :-)
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Gray    RE:Top Ten Armies of the World   3/7/2004 9:31:47 AM
I do note that Arditi said 'armies' not 'armed forces'. The British army is only around 105k strong so it seems reasonable, even if man-for-man you think it's the best then it wouldn't be in the top 3. I would imagine that this list is simply rated on the basis of *put the entire army on a continent of varied terrain and let it fight the other army* regardless of the air or how it got there. In which case the list looks a little more reasonable, no? Just playing devil's advocate!
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sooner    RE:Top Ten Armies of the World   3/7/2004 10:49:14 AM
Fair enough. In that case, this defeats the purpose of creating posts like this. What he was proposing isn't debatable, just fantasy. If you want to talk about military strength, include all variables. I see your point, however. Brilliant post might I add.
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