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Subject: The best infantry groups of the Asia-Pacific region from Laos to Kiwis
Le Zookeeper    10/15/2009 12:25:56 AM
Maori Battalion gets an honorable mention? Excluding South Asia- (i.e India Pakistan Nepal, etc)-
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albywan       11/3/2009 10:50:59 PM

...Aus was offered Ghurkas........? and we DECLINED?

Well, if my hatred of Whitlam wasn't aweinspiring before, it certainly is now!



you could probably piece together your own Maori Battalion too these days the amount of whanua i have working in Sydney and Perth...
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gf0012-aust       11/4/2009 2:20:14 AM
a PI Regiment was also on the cards.  there are certainly enough tongans and samoans just in sydney to fill that slot.
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