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Subject: Over and Out
Phaid    10/6/2009 1:42:16 PM
This site just isn't worth the time it takes to read any more. The front page stories are a joke, and it's simply not worth wading through all the trolls in the forums just to read the few intelligent posts from the ever-shrinking pool of interesting posters. Hopefully I'll run into some of you elsewhere online, but I'm all done here.
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warpig       10/6/2009 4:16:48 PM
Man, I wish you wouldn't leave.  I count on you more than pretty much anyone else to keep the Fighter board sane.

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usajoe1       10/6/2009 8:30:21 PM
Man, I wish you wouldn't leave.  I count on you more than pretty much anyone else to keep the Fighter board sane.
I agree, we need more people like Phaid and less people like BW, SlowMan, FS, herc the jerk etc...
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french stratege       10/7/2009 9:30:12 AM

Man, I wish you wouldn't leave.  I count on you more than pretty much anyone else to keep the Fighter board sane.

I agree, we need more people like Phaid and less people like BW, SlowMan, FS, herc the jerk etc...

I understand Phaid since I quit for 2 years this board.
Still I was sometime watching it and I was very upset by US posters unformed comments.So recently I could not restrain my self and come back on this board.But my intent is not to post as much as few years ago.
Phaid is one of few US posters who have a minimum information on foreign systems and some background (Herald has some also).
However considering fighter board, he was still full of prejudice agaisnt Rafale were he interpreted all documentation against Rafale case not trying to sort it.
I was pretty angry that he did not check all documentation I provided on relative R&T level or other feature while it was often a document written by US DoD experts.
So I consider that Phaid participated to trolling as well.

I'm not BW or other french amateurs (or americans), who has done sometime over optimistic comments or anticipated technologies not in the field.
I'm not motivated by nationalism or to put wrongly Rafale above others.
For exemple I have never said that Rafale is better than a F22 in air to air or overall superior in technology to F35 which would be wrong. 
American posters would probably get enraged if a foreigner would say that F22 is crap (which is not of course) and american engineers or officers are stupid (they are not).
My purpose was only to restablish the true and a fair evaluation based on facts and public documents or insights (whatever french or US capabilities).I'm not an antiamerican or an anti british.In fact I work sometime with US industry and governement.
The best way for a fair debate here,  is to provide or read documents, and discuss facts and not rewrite unsupported assumptions.
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Parmenion       10/7/2009 6:05:40 PM
There's been about five times I've gone to start a thread or do some epic reply and then not bothered because it would just lead to a load of teenagers and "challenged" people b*tching about it.
Other than Herald, FS on a good day and maybe a few others, we don't have anyone decent on here anymore. And even the decent ones have their faults, and lack any code of conduct.
There just isn't the calibre of poster on here to keep this place relevant anymore.
Oh well. Real life is more important anyway.
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Le Zookeeper    What I miss   10/7/2009 11:22:51 PM
is the trolls FS, BW, etc were excellent posters and from EU which the board lacked. SOme posters had excellent foresight but hard headed folks could not accept anything but their own point of view. Look at the post I put in earlier a few months ago about EU & Russia ganging up on UK & US, just a couple of days ago a report of currency action against the US dollar was rumored and posted in the USA board. What Phaid and others seem to want is a vassal dome of posters who agree with only their point of view when they have been conclusively proven wrong. I disagree the so called trolls deserve the medal of freedom for putting up with the ridiculous onslaught of essentially neo con ignormuses.
Well there were no WMDs, Obama won and the EU + Russia are on the US dollars rear end - I needn't say more - its old news now. The only trolls I am glad that left were the 9/11 was an internal job lunatics.
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Panther       10/10/2009 7:59:35 AM
I understand that it is very easy to get burned out over constantly arguing over mundane points that have a tendency to take on a repetitive nature, but i wouldn't quite the site entirely. Just take a break from it every now and then.
Don't ever give anyone the pleasure of feeling like you have been ran off!
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french stratege       10/11/2009 12:33:19 PM
The probleme is that a lot of trolling is done by people full of prejudice who do not check documents and links,  and understand few about weapon technology or doctrine.
In defense it is not possible to disclose exact performance.You have to understand performance issues by indirect means like checking technology and country advances and position.
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gf0012-aust    Phaid   10/11/2009 4:06:58 PM
you and I might not be converging on issues such as JSF, but you're one of the sane ones in here...

as someone who moderates on other forums, I despair at the lack of control on here.
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RockyMTNClimber    Pattern?   10/11/2009 9:25:58 PM
DisplacedJim, EWO, Lawman, Dwightlooi, Softwar, SWhitebull, CHDNorm, Horsesoldier, Paul1970, Shaken, (how many others?) and now Phaid.
"an organization which can not recruit and retain the best and brightest is irrelevant"- Rocky
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mustavaris       11/26/2009 2:05:14 AM
It is not just the trolls... I was once very active here, but these days I log in only once in a blue moon. This site had diverse audience and very active forum not too long ago, but the combination of ideological bias, general arrogance and the double standards when enforcing the rules pretty much killed the joy. I never felt wrongly treated though, but the fact is that you could/can say some shyte about certain peoples and ideas, while some others are beyond the reach and have to be discussed about in far more careful way. I have missed some of fellow SP-folks for sure and noticed that some are still active on certain other military forums which I also wander about, even if my N:o 1 site is these days rather odd one and one which I couldnt have thought about signing up not too many years ago... and now I am a moderator at one Iranian militaru forum. The world takes interesting turns... here I was whining Leftist anti-Israeli ?urotrash metal head, there I am right wing pro-Israeli/US metal head  (from the p.o.v. of general audience).
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