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Subject: Speartip & DPioneer
Heorot    8/18/2009 12:55:34 PM
is Braddock reinvented. Just ignore posts by these authors.
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stbretnco       8/18/2009 2:04:38 PM
Thank you, Heorot.
You stated it far more calmly than I am capable of, given this poser's past activity here and on AKO.
SYSOPS, you have banned this poser several times, and he still keeps coming back under different screen names.
I think it's high time you followed through with a threat made the last time and delete all the braddock/braddock caesar/speartip/dpioneer/dgreat1/tjones posts made.
maybe then he would get the hint. (I doubt it, but it would clean up your DB considerably)
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Parmenion       8/18/2009 5:46:14 PM
I feel sorry for him. The number of posts he's made in this time period clearly shows that this is as close as he has to any social life or human interaction and he obsesses over it- and to post obviously untrue self aggrandising statements all the time- I think he could be mentally ill.
He seems like a very very sad, lonely person who clearly dosen't feel important or valued and tries to get it here. What a shame. Still, we can't let him spoil the forum for everyone and disgrace it so that we don't get good knowledgeable people coming here anymore.
SYSOPS! I add my name to the calls for action!
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stbretnco    Thank you   8/19/2009 12:01:04 AM
Thank you to the collective.
My apologies to the board, I get a little strong in language when this particular poster arrives, but I cannot stand posers.
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