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Subject: Will Israel attack Iran before the end of the year?
usajoe1    5/19/2009 1:28:22 AM
I really believed that before Bush left office he would of done something about Iran, but I fully understand why no action was taken. Now with Israel having deferent leadership with new Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, and Iran getting ever closer to developing a functional nuke, and Obamas stance on this position, I think Israel is going to have to do something before the end of the year. I think every fair minded person would agree that Israel will never accept a nuclear Iran, but the question is will the US stop Israel, or would Israel listen, after all a nuclear Iran poses the greatest danger to Israel. Looking at Israels air Capabilities, there is no quesion that they can take out Irans nuke sites. The Big question is how would Iran respond and is it worth the risk. I personally think it is. I think the current regime of Iran is the most dangerous in the world and we should be 100% on Israels side on this one, what do you guys think.
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dudley    Israel   6/4/2009 10:40:34 PM
Israel doesnt have the resources to fight a full scale war with Iran and win. If Israel attacks Iran there will be a billion muslims fighting as her enemy plus a pearl harbor attack on Iran would make most americans reluctant to help her. In my opinoin it would be SUICIDE! Im not sure what the answer is but just attacking their nuke sites wouldnt make Israel any safer due to Irans population and size plus resources. Maybe another world war?
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