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Subject: Time to quit NATO
ambush    4/5/2009 12:36:02 AM
Time to quit NATO It seems that Obama’s group hug, popularity contest approach with some of our NATO allies as been no more successful at getting them to carry their share of the load in Afghanistan than GWB’s “cowboy” approach. It would seem that a certain former Secretary of Defense who coined the phrase Old Europe was not to far off the mark. Barack Obama fails to win NATO troops he wants for Afghanistan It would seem that NATO is essentially a alliance of a few willing allies and a bunch of strap hangers along for a free ride. This also appears to be the case with economic issues as Germany and France rejected spending more for economic recovery wanting, once again, the US to carry the load while their export economies reap the benefits once the US economy recovers at little cost to themselves. Perhaps it is time for the US to leave NATO and cut a new global defense and economic alliance with the UK, Canada Australia, Singapore and certain Central/Eastern European countries like Poland.
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buzzard       4/6/2009 1:58:38 PM
We at least get some support from NATO. We should be way the hell and gone from the UN if you want to complain about bad international organizations. The U.N. mostly seems to exist for the purpose of enriching corrupt bureaucrats and complaining about the U.S.
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