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Subject: The coming collapse of China
Nanheyangrouchuan    2/3/2009 2:34:16 AM
"China is failing: *** NEWS *** - Hu calls for PLA loyalty as fears grow of trouble ahead President Hu Jintao told leaders of the People's Liberation Army to "strengthen military discipline" and make sure the army stays absolutely loyal to the Communist Party as China enters a year of harsh economic reality and sensitive anniversaries. - Far fewer migrants than expected arrive in Guangdong Most migrant workers heading to Guangdong after the week-long Lunar New Year holiday are returning to existing jobs and just 2 per cent are looking for work, Xinhua reports. *** COLUMNS *** - China Briefing: Beijing plays with online fire For the mainland's tens of millions of netizens, the hottest topic lately has been the central government's high-profile internet crackdown on so-called low-class content. - Frank Ching: Unfamiliar territory *** BUSINESS *** - Wen warns lenders against bad debt growth Mainland banks should be watchful of running up further bad debts while boosting loans to help stimulate the economy, Premier Wen Jiabao told bank employees in London over the weekend."
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