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Subject: The Logic of Nuclear War
DGreat1    8/4/2008 6:59:00 PM
The Logic of Nuclear War There are still rational and moral reasons for threatening nuclear war-or even waging it-and of course, irrational, immoral, a-rational, and amoral reasons as well. That is, deterrence may fail either deliberately or inadvertently. Herman Kahn, Thinking about the Unthinkable Societal Ascension Factor The threat of war and or the successful waging of war has often yielded peripheral benefits concerning a given society’s status amongst their regional and global neighbors. The victor of a given conflict usually received a loftier ranking within its region at the very least in addition to receiving the economic and diplomatic benefits that come from attaining some semblance of competency amongst world powers. In the current age of proliferation, we are currently seeing that Middle Eastern nations who have experienced the extreme lows that are attributable to excessive poverty have an opportunity to see their societal disposition ascend to internationally respectable levels due to the global viability that comes by way of developing a nuclear weapons capability. Clearly, I am speaking of Pakistan and potentially Iran who is poised to reciprocate Pakistans feat of becoming the first Islamic fundamentalist nation to acquire a nuclear weapons capability. As you can see, the precedent set by Pakistan has clearly become a societal ascension strategy model for impoverished Middle Eastern nations. One could respect these nations inclinations towards attaining global viability if these nations were not terror sponsoring nations of the worst sort. Therein lies the conflict, as two major terror sponsoring nations in the Middle East with impoverished societies have chosen to use nuclear proliferation as a societal ascension strategy, therefore opting not to conform its conduct to an internationally acceptable form of decorum. Deterrent Factor The deterrent factor is a major reason why nuclear weapons are highly regarded and sought after by the non nuclear nations of the world. A nuclear deterrent can facilitate the buffer zone needed when instituting a 5, 10 or even 20 year plan, as costly wars can deplete a nations coffer before the plan gets fully implemented. In fact, when used properly, a nuclear deterrent can also facilitate economic stability, as nations have proven that they will even do business with rogue and terror sponsoring nations who have a globally viable nuclear deterrent. Proxy War Facilitator Very close attention must be paid to proliferation because of its ability to produce proxy war relationships. By developing a nuclear weapons capability a nation immediately facilitates multiple proxy war relationships, as they become both proxy war subordinates and proxy war superiors depending on whether or not their proxy war partner is a nuclear or non nuclear nation. Using Pakistan as a model, we have an example where a state sponsor of terrorism developed a nuclear weapons capability and became a proxy war superior over its fellow Sunni Fundamentalist nations in addition to becoming a proxy war subordinate of the United States. The United States clearly aligned itself with Pakistan in the hope that Pakistan would turn away from state sponsored terrorism, however, this has yet to occur. The fact that the United States had to align itself with a nation like Pakistan clearly details how volatile a scenario can become once proliferation has ensued. In hindsight, it is clear that the United States should have insisted on disarmament when it became obvious that Pakistan had a nuclear weapons capability. This is why it is imperative that Iran not be allowed to reciprocate the achievement of Pakistan by becoming the second state sponsor of terrorism in the Middle East to acquire nuclear weapons. Viability Factor The global war on terror has made proliferation based viability a primary concern for non nuclear nations who are currently witnessing the paradigm shift that has elevated a terror sponsoring nation like Pakistan to a globally viable nuclear power. With Iran poised to become the second terror sponsoring nation to acquire a nuclear weapons capability, it is imperative that socially responsible nations obtain some sort of viability concerning a nuclear deterrent. The precedent set by Pakistan could easily become a model for rogue and terror sponsoring nations across the globe. Non nuclear nations not actively engaged in the global war on terror could be forced into making concessions of a strategic nature that could cause region specific and even global instability. There is a distinct possibility that non nuclear nations not willing to participate in the global war on terror will switch their allegiance from the United States to Russia or China for instance. Disparity Reduction Factor Today, there is a race towards proliferation based treaties and initiatives due to the disparity reduction benefits it offers nation
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