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Subject: US-made RPG-7 launcher
YelliChink    3/9/2011 11:48:51 PM Mk 777 – An American RPG Launcher Although it’s as common as the cold in parts overseas, the RPG-7 has seen little use by American forces. That is, until recently. Nine years of engagement with an enemy (and quite a few allies) that use the RPG as a standard weapon have driven us to use it for training, threat assessment, and in some cases, employment. The standard launcher is adequate, and generally well constructed but they made millions of the things, and some are noticeably better than others. So naturally, good old American ingenuity stuck its nose into the issue in the form of Airtronic USA, Inc. In fact, Airtronic recently was awarded a contract as the sole supplier of RPG launchers to the US military. Their launcher, dubbed the Mk 777 takes the classic RPG launcher and improves upon it. The name coming from its weight, 7.77 lbs.
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