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Subject: Remington 700 PSS/VL
RaptorZ    8/24/2005 3:53:28 PM
Anyone have any thoughts of this weapon as a sniper rifle? effective range? lethality? Accuracy (I know it's more who's holding the weapon, but entertain me on this) Practicality? Any additional thoughts to it if any at all thanks!
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flamingknives    RE:Remington 700 PSS/VL   8/24/2005 4:12:21 PM
Er, it's a rifle that doesn't exisit on Remington's website? The 700 series seems to be a bolt-action .30 calibre rifle, so its performance would probably be similar to most other bolt-action .30 calibre rifles. So: Effective range: 800m or so, 600m for precision work. Lethality: It's a .30 cal. So like NATO 7.62x51mm - lethal to more than a mile. (1600m) Accuracy : no reason it shouldn't be less that 1 moa (minute of angle) Practicality: Designed for hunting, so it'll probably be robust enough for military work.
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RaptorZ    RE:Remington 700 PSS/VL   8/24/2005 4:42:37 PM
Cool thanks....this weapon goes for approx 600.00 USD Can you suggest any others in that price range that you would think is better that I could research a little too. And about the website, that's weird just 2 days ago on google it was there with all the fixings added scope bipod I can't find it either.
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flamingknives    RE:Remington 700 PSS/VL   8/24/2005 5:55:44 PM
Now I'm confused. Snipers are military types, and as such generally get issued weapons. While these weapons vary, they follow approximate performances based on action, round used and barrel length, and that was the basis for my overview. A civilian getting kitted up as a sniper is... odd. In fact, a civilian who shoots people with a scoped rifle (or any rifle) is called a murderer. Manslaughter with a scoped rifle is pretty hard to claim. If you want to do some long-range range shooting, find a club, ask the people there. They'll know.
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RaptorZ    RE:Remington 700 PSS/VL   8/24/2005 6:58:56 PM
Whoa Whoa Whoa.....where in the world did I say I'd shoot a person LOL.... We have ranges here by me up to 800 yards, I figure I'd like to test out shooting targets....T-A-R-G-E-T-S at a range, not humans.....OMG....I won't even shoot an animal... There are ranges in Arizona that I know of that are actually further than the 800 yards I would like to progress to. That'd be hard to hit I would think, w/o a scope. But I could be wrong... I wrote here to see if there were any with knowledge of that type of weaponry for a novice, not a killer....
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flamingknives    RE:Remington 700 PSS/VL   8/25/2005 1:23:50 PM
I get a bit jumpy when someone asks about lethality in a target rifle. It's not really appropriate.
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lrsrng    RE:Remington 700 PSS/VL   8/25/2005 7:08:32 PM
Raptor Z A Savage 110 is a much beeter rifle and will leave about 400 Bucks in your pocket.They have the best out of box the Accurecy.I have some Kimbers And some other high end guns but I will take a Savage 110 out for deer and bear when I hunt.
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eon    RE:Savage 110 And Rifle Shooting in General   8/27/2005 9:43:40 PM
Savage had some quality-control problems a few years back, but they solved them. The 110 is a first-class rifle that is significantly cheaper than most of its competitors. As far as caliber goes, if you're just shooting targets at extended (beyond 100-yard) ranges, you might want to look at a heavy-barrel "varmint" type in something like .22-250, as opposed to .30. Accuracy is better out of the box, and if there's a >good< riflesmith in your area (in Arizona I'd assume there would be), he could probably even improve on it. Plus, you'll probably find that the .22 cal. class is easier on your shoulder, recoil-wise, especially if you're new to this. If you want a "general-purpose" hunting rifle, it >should< be in a heavier caliber, like .308 Winchester, .270 Winchester, or something along those lines- but since you say you wouldn't even shoot an animal, you might not need one. Since you're talking about a local range, by all means go there first, and talk to the people. You'll find that most of them are very happy to help point a new shooter in the right direction. And some ranges have both professional instructors, shooting and safety classes, and even rental guns of various types you can use on the range (under supervision) to find out what sort is best for you- before you plunk down your hard-earned money on one of your own. Cheers. eon
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ChdNorm    RE:Remington 700 PSS/VL   8/28/2005 2:06:54 AM
I've been shooting a 700PSS in .308 now for about 8 years. After several thousand rounds thru the factory barrel it still hold sub MOA with just about anything you feed thru it. I did take the time to properly break in the barrel intitially, and expect it to last for a few thousand more rounds. I dont do the club shoots much anymore, as I find them to usually be too slow and organized for my taste. I prefer plinking at rocks on hillsides out in West Texas myself. It's not impossible to manage hits on rocks 2-3 foot in diameter in the 1200 yd range off a prone bipod (although to be honest ... that's usually with a few ranging shots to find the right dope). My recomendations/advice: Go with the Remington 700. The Savages are nice (and some claim they have the best factory barrells out there) but I find the fit and finish of the Remingtons to be supperior, especially the factory pillar bedded stocks. I also say go with the .308 over the lighter varmint class rounds if you do intend to plink out past 500 yds. Invest in an aftermarket trigger, something like a well fitted Timney is my prefference. Be willing to spend as much if not more for your optics as you will the rifle. I've had cheap scopes for years and never knew what I was missing out on till I bought my first Leopold. Now I wouldn't have anything else. I personally mounted a 6.5-20X vari-x III ... but have to admit that being able to really use 20X is fairly rare. One of the 4.5-14X would probably be ideal. learn to handload if you dont already. Not only do you save money (Federal gld medal match ammo is far from cheap!), but you can also tailor your load to your rifle. Half the fun I've had was developing my pet load and shooting four times as much in the process. If you do handload already, I highly recommend Hodgen's Varget as probably the best powder behind a Sierra 168gr BTHP Match King. That combination beats the Federal Gold Medal Match in my rifle ... which is usually no easy feat. It's far from a hunting rifle. If you did want something that would do double duty, something like a 700PSS is far from it. It's way too heavy and cumbersome to carry in the field. I carried mine all over the mountains one week while hunting Bigfoot (long story) and swear to this day my arms were two inches longer at the end of the week. Also, know in advance that the PSS in 700PSS does stand for Police Sniper Special. At one time they were restricted to letter-head purchases only, although I do believe that restriction has been lifted. If that's objectionable to you or others you may be around, there is also the 700VS (Varmint Synthetic), 700VS-SF (VS with a Stainless steel fluted barrell), and the 700VL (Varmint Laminate stocked). The 700VS is essentially the same as the 700PSS with a slightly different (and less comfortable) stock. The 700VS-SF doesn't look as "sniperish" with its SS barrell, nor does the VL with its laminate wood stock. Theyre all good servicable alternatives that offer nearly identical performance.
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lrsrng    RE:Remington 700 PSS/VL   8/28/2005 2:41:06 PM
ChdNorm fit is very important.Good point.
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RaptorZ    RE:Remington 700    8/29/2005 12:41:20 PM
Wow, what a great amount of info....I knew this would be a good spot. Thanks for the info. Especially the Scope...and I'll research the Savage too...just to make sure that I don't leave a piece of advice unturned.
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