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Subject: Replenishing The Replenishment Ships
SYSOP    8/15/2022 5:47:31 AM
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Toryu88       8/16/2022 3:14:26 PM
I guess they are painting big black and white circles on them like a dart board. These six huge waste of money vessels will be the first thing a potential enemy will target. You don't have to sink warships if they don't have fuel. They end up spending most of their time in port. We did this to the Japanese in WWII by sinking all their oilers and tankers. That way we know pretty much where they would be: In Indonesia refueling from the wells. It is like our current military minds don't read any history books and want to learn all the hard lessons we taught our enemies in the past. You can believe the Chinese read those history books and will use the same techniques we used on the Japanese on our navy.
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