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Subject: Missle Defense    6/21/2001 9:59:35 AM
MAD (mutal assured destruction), a crazy sort of logigic that defies most reasonable human beings, was actually the right formula for strategic stability. It was crafted to work with the unqiue psychological profile of the Russian mentality. It will not work with nations that do not cherish their population or view their people as the nations most valuable resourse. I do not believe that China, North Korea, Iran or Iraq veiw population in the same manner that we in the west (inclueding Russia) do. For them people are a resourse for the State to use to meet its strategic needs or a burden that the state must control. This mentality will not support the concept of MAD. We should build a missle defense system immediately, regardless of the world's opinion and tie it's capibility to the strategic threat from China + 50%.
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