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Subject: Trust the Red Chinese to be deterred? I think not.    1/14/2001 12:52:37 PM
Let's get this straight. Researching a purely defensive system provokes no one. And all the money spent on SDI research to date amounts to less than DoD spent on Chevy Blazers. The French don't like it? They like Jerry Lewis. The European NATO countries don't like it? The Dutch have unionized long haired heroine addicts in their army. Their opinion matters to me because??? The Chinese don't like it? Good. If they don't want to try it out keep their warheads in their holes in the ground where they belong. Deterrence only works against sane opponents that have something to lose. What about when China decides to move on Taiwan and the Taipei goverment uses it's atomic option? Is Red China going to show restraint? Or flatten LA? Researching is not the same as deploying. You say we don't have a working system yet? That's what research is FOR.
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Show Only Poster Name and Title     Newest to Oldest    RE:Trust the Red Chinese to be deterred? I think not.   1/17/2001 8:17:39 PM
I agree totally. People whine that we don't have a working NMD. What do they think, these things create themselves? We are now working under conditions abbhorent to logical people. Did you all know that we must get permission from the Russians and Chinese to even TEST here in the White Sands region? Think about that one...The money is there, but the former hippies in DC won't release the funds. Like I say, if you're against defense, you're pro-attack. China has threatened us several times. What should we do?
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diogenes    What no one has mentioned about NMD   1/19/2001 4:16:45 PM
I see a lot of chatter about the pros and cons of a NMD in the conventional sense. But no one seems to have captured the essence of why space must eventually be militarized for EVERYONE'S SAKE. I welcome everyone to substitute meteorite for the word missile in the term National Missile Defense. The US government allocated a mere $4 million towards discovering and tracking asteroids that might be inclined to collide with the Earth. And considering that a mere 50-100 meter diameter meteorite created the Barringer Crater in Arizona. And few people paid attemption to the fact that in late December, we barely missed having a previously unknown asteroid collide with the earth. It was 45 meters in diameter and would have hit with the explosive force of millions of ton of TNT equivalent. And we've had nine objects come within two Lunar orbits of Earth, one of which was 300 meters in diameter and only 1.2 lunar orbits away (a hair's breath away in astrological terms) which would have probably wiped out life on this planet as we know it. Now you all might be worried about man-made global incineration, but I personally have more concern about the dangers that lurk out in space. If anything, such an NMD system should be shared and sold as a earth defence system, from threats natural and man-made. Diogenes Here's a plot of the known asteroids in the inner ring of planets (mercury through Mars) -" target="_blank">http://cfa-> And through Jupiter (all of those green ones are located in the asteroid belt) -" target="_blank">http://cfa-
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