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Subject: Low yield point defense nuke
jhaley    8/9/2005 10:17:37 AM
Why wouldn't a low yield point defense nuke work in "last" straw point defense umbrellia over American cities. Wouldn't it be better to have fallout than a DESTROYED CITY. "Just a few thoughts"
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joe6pack    RE:Low yield point defense nuke   8/9/2005 10:24:28 AM
Wasn't that the NIKE-Hercules system? 50's-60 vintage?
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JIMF    RE:Low yield point defense nuke   8/10/2005 7:57:22 PM
The Nike Ajax, and Nike Hercules were 1950s-early 60s era anti-Aircraft Missiles. The Nike X or Zeus proposed during the Nixon Years consisted of two anti-ballistic missile missiles. The second, The sprint, was a last ditch defensive missile that was to detonate above the target deflecting or destroying the incoming warheads(s). I forget at what altitude the Sprint was to detonate.
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