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Subject: B-52 Replacement
SYSOP    9/25/2022 6:04:30 AM
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Hari Sud       9/25/2022 8:38:33 AM
B-52 is good till 2050 then why does it need replacement today? Waste of time and money. Instead develop a hypersonic missile for today and make Patriot missile system to stop enemy missiles better.
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grumblesa10       9/26/2022 10:50:01 AM
Because hypersonics are more cool-theory than reality; despite the agitprop. A hypersonic weapon system is at least a decade away-at least. A manned weapon system has flexibility : nuclear AND conventional (hypersonics are of little use in a conventional role. Mostly because a conventional hypersonic has the same flight characteristics as a nuclear one. As for ICBMs for that matter. More importantly, they can be STAGED and RECALLED. Tough to do that with ICBMs. Speaking of which, THOSE should be retired as they are simply not survivable. As for the BUFF, the major reason they maintain the availability rates, besides the electronic upgrades, is all the G and H models at the DMARC. Those are cannabilized for airframe, and some engine parts.
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Toryu88       9/28/2022 6:12:28 PM
My gawd, PC is alive and well on the Strategy Page. I always thought BUF stood for Big Ugly Fucker, but here you present a cleansed and no doubt press and female friendly version. I spend a lot of my youth hanging around my career NCO father's facilities and knew a lot of his men. They dropped F bombs about every second word. There weren't any women in his units back then and I can recall attending a christmas time beer bust in the Squadron briefing room that included beer, food and porn movies, and oh yeah, the squadron commander was there too. So I have no illusions of what BUF stood for, since my brother in law flew nuclear capable B-52s in SAC in the 1990's. So please keep the Politically correct bullshit off the website or you'll lose readers.
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