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Subject: Surveillance Support For Ukraine
SYSOP    5/20/2022 6:00:21 AM
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2468       5/20/2022 1:34:38 PM
"Hundreds of Russian troops have been killed or wounded on Snake Island." Wow that seems like a lot for a postage stamp size island that normally has only 20 people on it.
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voland       5/21/2022 2:54:36 PM
Those 20 people were border guards. There was no real military presence there. Now Russians are trying to turn it into a replacement for Moskva, and they already lost some ships and AA equipment while trying to unload it. My guess is that Ukrainians will not try to retake it but instead will be shooting down everything Russia will try to place there. The island is a target for practice shooting, regardless of who is on it.
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Jack Webb       5/22/2022 10:14:44 PM
The Russians have lost helicopters, Spetnatz, landing craft and multiple patrol boats trying to reinforce the island. If NATO plans to brake the Russian blockade of Odessa and Ukrainian grain for the world's poor, Snake island becomes very strategically important.
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