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Subject: Blame It On The Chop
SYSOP    5/18/2022 6:33:17 AM
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Hari Sud       5/18/2022 4:39:22 PM
Russian Army in Ukraine has been found most wanting. There is something wrong in its organization. Nothing could be said until they score a major victory somewhere. Without that Russian Army is something to be laughed about.
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grumblesa10       5/19/2022 12:46:34 PM
Organization, training, equipment and especially leadership. Don't know why everyone is so shocked: anecdotal but I saw all of this in BH from 94-96 when I was there. This is actually nothing new: Tsar Vlad is doing almost exactly what Nick 2 did: initiated a war with a SUPPOSEDLY inferior nation (Japan) and got his ass handed to him. Then, again not unlike Tsar Vlad, he got into a war he didn't need to; had yes-men as senior commanders; and got his ass handed to him-this time a literal revolution ended it (...and his dynasty). Just sayin'
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