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Subject: Russia Faces Four Front War
SYSOP    5/14/2021 5:53:11 AM
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grumblesa10       5/14/2021 11:08:12 AM
"Then Germany invaded Russia in 1941 before Russia was ready to declare war on Germany." BS; there was/is NOTHING in the ex-Soviet archives that indicates the USSR was planning to attack Germany. They had just gone through a major purge, and evidenced by the poor showing in Poland and Finland, even Stalin realized the Red Army (of Workers and Peasants) was nowhere near combat-ready.
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Vincent Jay       5/14/2021 4:32:51 PM
You folks should have a second set of eyes to proof read your essays. This one is a mess. I usually enjoy reading your posts, but I quit half way through this one.
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Toryu88       5/16/2021 8:16:56 AM
From a writing standpoint I was always taught that you tell the reader up front the "what" and then the "how' and then the "what now." This article fails on all counts. It starts out with the "How" runs on interminably and never gets to the "what" expecting the reader to put together all the confused pieces and never offers a "What Now." It was a pretty pathetic and confused read. I won't go into the missing words. Do a search on "spell and grammar check" for Word. A quick run would have caught those errors, although in truth the article needed a complete structural rewrite.
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