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Subject: Sympathy For The Devil
SYSOP    5/26/2022 6:08:39 AM
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Toryu88       5/27/2022 7:55:56 AM
We will see how smart all the reduction in "dumb" munitions was when we get in a conflict with a foe capable of striking all those vulnerable GPS birds up in the sky. Eliminate them and a great number of our "smart" and "precise" munitions suddenly become "dumb" and "inaccurate" again and we won't have the number of them we need to be effective. War, any war, is at its heart one of attrition. Remove the force multipliers like smart munitions, and the limited aircraft that can deliver them, and our military won't be any different than what we had to use in WWII and Korea but we'll have a lot less of them, and there won't be time to train more. In WWII it took on average a year or more to train a division of troops up to standards where they were ready to commit to combat. Today it takes months to build on aircraft or tank. It takes years to construct a replacement ship. I hope our military and political leaders have studied our military history and realize that fighting China or Russia won't be like fighting the Taliban or the Iraqis. The public may be in of a horrific and seismic surprise even if they turn out to be as incompetent as Russia appears to be in the Ukraine. The losses will still be high on the winning side.
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