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Subject: Commando 21 versus traditional regimental structure
Iano    2/26/2005 10:28:15 AM
Hi there, Can anyone explain how the Commando 21 structure adopted by the RM works in practice? I know that each close action coy has a stand off coy to shoot it into an attack. And there are the command coy and logistic coy to control and supply all this. It seems to be a great success so far, working well in Iraq, because the weaponry is so heavy in the stand off coys. It seems to me though that the commando unit would then be too light on rifles strength, ie. you effectively have lost a "rifle company" in the old structure, when it was re-roled to a stand off coy. Can anyone see the Commando 21 structure spreading to the rest of the armed forces, and can anyone see the future for the old traditional structure of 3x rifle coys, 1x support coy and 1x headquarters coy? Any other interesting structures anybody knows about? Thanks Ian
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