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Subject: 2000 Marines = ???
TriggaFingaz    1/1/2005 7:37:13 AM
I read that 2000 US Marines, along with the Abe Lincoln CVBG/ARG have been dispatched to support disaster relief efforts for the Indian Ocean communities. Is this equivalent to a MEU (SOC) or MEB?????
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gf0012-aust    RE:2000 Marines = ???   1/1/2005 7:42:11 AM
It's 1500 marines: the fact that it's 20 helos means that its unlikely to be the Lincoln, but more likely to be the Bon Homme Richard. Lincoln only has 12 Helos.
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ambush    RE:2000 Marines = ???   1/1/2005 2:24:44 PM
I read 1,500 Marines but even 2,000 keeps it in the MEU size.(A single Marine Infantry Batalion has over 900 all by itself) I also heard that a Carrier battle group and a MEU were being deployed. The article also mention them using a version of Blackhawk which would mean a Carier Battle Group since the Corp does not fly Blackhawks but the Navy has a version the fly.
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gf0012-aust    RE:2000 Marines = ???   1/1/2005 9:24:45 PM
Lincoln is only carrying 12 rotors though. OTOH, BHR is carrying 20 plus. I think the reports has mixed up a CSF (which is in area) and the BHR/ESG which is also co-located near Aceh
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gf0012-aust    RE:2000 Marines = ???   1/3/2005 10:45:44 AM
Bon Homme Richard isn't on station yet, so it looks as though these are from the Lincoln. I'm assuming that if the Helo count is right, (20) then she must have decked the rest of the strike forces rotors. Normally there are 4-6 escorts that have 1-2 seahawks each - so that would then add up to 20 rotors all up.
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