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Subject: marine corp question
WannaBe    11/16/2003 9:24:22 PM
how do you get into the marine corps special forces? is it better to go in as an enlistee or as a officer?
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JROTCKid    RE:marine corp question   11/17/2003 4:16:30 PM
Marine Recon has no actual officers which operate in the field. Im almost 100percent sure of this .I believe the Senior NCO runs the op and the officer plans it. You can sign on into the Marines as a Marine Basic Rifleman or any other standard MOS and then have the choice to participate in a screening process among the LOADS of kiddies that want to be in recon. Kinda like everyone joining the Navy to be a Seal when only 15 get it a training session. My point is dont get your hopes up on joining recon .Go into the Marines to do a basic job. IE truck driver Mess Clerk typist because it may take a while to get to the recon screening for the battalion. Iwoke up about two years ago wanting to be a Marine Scout Sniper and im going infantry . Sure yea im crazy and dumb but I know where ill mostliklely be once i finish boot . Not getting it in the rear cause the recruiter told me i could be superman and have ice cream every day.
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Horsesoldier    RE:marine corp question   11/18/2003 11:01:16 AM
I'm certainly no expert on the Marines, but I think down at the platoon leader level they have officers in "operational" status. Above that you get the usual phenomena, I suppose -- above platoon or company command, officers in general (special ops or otherwise) lean more and more towards administrative tasks and staff work, rather than operational tasks.
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raymond    RE:marine corp question   11/23/2003 1:32:16 AM
WannaBe, how old are you? Have you graduated high school? In college? 1.) Marine Recon (Division and Force) both have officers at the tactical level, depending on the size of the operation. 2.) There are only three Force Recon companies, which means a total of ~18 officers in the entire establishment. 3.) There are three Division Recon battalions, with 20-25 operational officers each, totaling less than 75 corps wide. 4.) Each infantry battalion has one STA platoon (scouts) of 12-20 marines and one officer. 27 infantry Bn's corps-wide. 5.) Recon and STA officers are chosen from the intelligence field, not infantry, for obvious reasons. 6.) STA platoons are a mixed bag of SIGINT and ELINT personnel and scout/snipers chosen from within the operating battalion. 7.) Force and Divisional Recon enlisted personnel carry their own MOS (0321) and are selected and trained corps wide, but almost exclusively from infantry MOS personnel. All that having been said, consider carefully what you are looking for. While the Corps operates the best sinper program in the country, it's history with "special operations" is limited and contentious. Force recon gets disbanded every 10 years, and then re-created 10 years later, and most Marines despise them. Further, not belonging to USSOCOM, they are reserved for Marine Corps missions, which are almost exclusively reconnaissance. Beside that, the Corps is the poorest service, and what funds it gets have been flushed down te V-22 rathole of late. In the early 80's, as I recall, air wing was getting over 60% of the entire corps budget. The end result is that force recon is vastly underequiped compared to SEAL's or SF. If you want to spend you career studying languages and anthropology, and teaching foreigners to fight, go with SF. If you want to helo in and blow things up, join the SEALs. If you want to be a Marine, join the Corps, and recognize that Recon is not a career.
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Shaka of Carthage    RE:marine corp question ... raymond   11/23/2003 11:31:21 AM
Sad but true. So it was thirty five years ago, so it is today.
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JROTCKid    RE:marine corp question ... raymond   11/23/2003 9:00:34 PM
Thanks for telling another guy not to join recon . I met a guy todayand guess what he wanted to do in the Corps ....
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