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Subject: Real Life Humor: Best Name for Bulldog
oregon_x_marine    8/17/2003 12:23:48 AM
I hope some of you will find a little humor here. My sister, a former Marine SSGT who served with 10th Marines circa 1985 and with a Marine reserve A-6 squadron at Whibey Island NAS in the late 80's, is "adopting" a bulldog. The question is: what is the best name for a bulldog (remember, there are five former Marines in this family)? 1. Marina Cora 2. Semper Fido 3. make a suggestion.
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Sam    RE:Real Life Humor: Best Name for Bulldog   8/18/2003 7:01:35 PM
Now everyone knows that the best name for a bulldog is "Chesty". Since hubby is former winger maybe "Pappy" for Pappy Boyington For a female dog might I suggest Lucy - for Lucy Brewer or since your sister served in 10th Marines Molly for Molly Pitcher
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oregon_x_marine    to: Sam   8/18/2003 8:17:26 PM
Sam: Your the only one who cares! LOL Who is Lucy Brewer? I tried to suggest BAM, which use to mean Big Asses Marine, but sister didn't like it! My sister liked the name Zha Zha! yuck! I must admit to loving the name Semper Fido
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Sam    RE:Lucy Brewer first WM   8/19/2003 3:56:36 PM
Ask your sister and see how much WM knowledge she has. Lucy Brewer went under the name George Baker. Was present during the USS Constitution vs HMS Guerriere. Where the Constitution earned the name "Old Ironsides" From the historical division at HQMC: "A farm girl from Massachusetts, Lucy Brewer was the legendary first woman Marine. The War of 1812 was raging when Lucy arrived at Boston. Friendless in the strange city, she met a woman who seemed eager to take a stranger into her home. Lucy was surprised that one woman could have so many daughters, but she soon discovered that home was just a house. Unsuited to a life of sin, Lucy fled her benefactress, donned men's clothing, and found refuge in the Marine Corps. No one discovered she was a woman, and as a member of the "Constitution's" Marine guard, she saw action in some of the bloodiest sea fights of the war. Her exploits came to light when she published an autobiographical account of her experiences. She described her heroism in the major battles of the "Constitution" with such details as manning the fighting tops as a marksman, taking toll of the British with musket fire. " It would be over one hundred years before the Marine Corps seriously began to recruit women - August 1918 - to be specific. There is a street aboard Camp Lejeune named after her.
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oregon_x_marine    RE:Lucy Brewer first WM   8/20/2003 10:59:53 AM
She must have been one tough and ugly woman!
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AlbanyRifles    Bulldog Names   8/21/2003 7:58:08 AM
Smedley Bow-wowwer Arfie Vandergrift John Basilbone Marion Snarl Spaniel Daly James P. S. Dog-erux P. X. Colley Boo Diamond "Red Dog" Edson Al Grrrrrrr-ay Archi-balls Henderson James Bones Richard HEEL! Carl "Muddy"-paws Presley Neville O'Bow-wow-nan SGT James Pointer General Harry SIT! Colonel Carl Sitter Colonel David Poop (sorry about that one!) Lewis HALT! Ted Williams (good enough on its own)
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oregon_x_marine    Re: Albany Rifles   8/21/2003 11:06:16 AM
Great Names!! Marion Snarl is especially appropriate because he is a native Oregonian and was, sadly, murdered in a small community located just outside of my hometown of Roseburg, Oregon.
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