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Subject: Best Light Infantry in the World?
S-2    8/26/2005 11:27:05 PM
Let's broaden this broad topic even more. Go from 1939 to present. Justify with examples. Variations on this theme- best mission equipped troops, fieldcraft, training rigor, attacking, defending. Who impresses you, and why?
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GOP    RE:Best Light Infantry in the World?   8/27/2005 12:23:00 PM
Is there any question who the best light infantry is? The Rangers. best mission equipped troops? Rangers. They are in the US Army, they have EVERYTHING they need, and then some. fieldcraft - Rangers. These guys are experts at land navigation, etc training rigor - Rangers. 25 mile marches with Rucks are a very normal occurence. 10 mile fast marches, etc, etc. attacking - Rangers. I remember reading that while the Rangers were in Grenada, they made a jump under heavy machine gun fire. The .50 Machinegun's were located up on a hill, and a Corporal started a charge up the hill by saying "I am sick of this sh*t", and charging up the hill, and all the other Rangers followed. They took the machinegun's, the hill, and accomplished their objective without losing anybody. Those guys are warriors. Defending - Probably a French unit of some kind
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FAMAS    RE:Best Light Infantry in the World?   8/27/2005 4:27:05 PM
For me, the best are the Foreigh Legion. They are equipped with the last French Army equipment, trained to all land and weather... And they are L├ęgionnaires, the toughest guys with the toughest discipline...
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svaba    RE:Best Light Infantry in the World?   8/27/2005 4:32:48 PM
Italian infantry is the best did you only see their achivements in 2WW the bravest soldiers in whole Italian boot I must say LOL:)
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Ehran    RE:Best Light Infantry in the World?   8/27/2005 5:05:38 PM
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ambush    RE:Best Light Infantry in the World?   8/27/2005 5:23:21 PM
As an American I would have to say the UK Royal Marine Commandos. Best trained an most professional that I have ever worked with. That includes, sorry to say, US Army Rangers and US Marines.
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Sam    RE:Best Light Infantry in the World?   8/27/2005 6:19:37 PM
As a former US Army soldier and U.S. Marine who has trained with troops from many countries, I agree with Ambush. Can not beat the Brit RMCs
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GOP    RE:Best Light Infantry in the World? - Sam/Ambush   8/27/2005 7:07:40 PM
Since you have worked with these guys, I am pretty sure you are right. But, what is the deal? Why can't we get the training thing right? We spend an ungodly amount of money on training, much, much more than any other nation, but everyone talks about the Brits. What is the deal?
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ChdNorm    RE:Best Light Infantry in the World?   8/28/2005 1:22:50 AM
I'm generally dont take into consideration things such as equipment or prior training when I think of people that have inspired me so much as simply their actions alone. So maybe I'm not exactly playing by the rules here, but heres my short list of guys that impress the hell out of me. Those that either dropped behind or waded ashore at Normandy. Those that fought in the Pacific on islands from Guadalcanal all the way up thru Okinawa. Those that found themselves right in the path of the Ardennes offensive and stood and fought in small groups. Those that retreated (or attacked in another direction if you prefer) from the far north of Korea while under constant Chinese attack and made it out. The 1st Cav in the Ia Drang, The 101st in the Ashau, the Marines at Hue, the 173rd on Hamburger Hill At any given time most of them werent the best equipped, best trained, or even the best on the field .. but they all possessed the drive and determination to overcome the obstacles in their path and win when it counted. Thats what impresses me more than anything.
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lrsrng    RE:Best Light Infantry in the World?   8/28/2005 2:25:27 PM
Detachment101 OSS A handful of Americans and hordes of Kachins secured parts of the Burma -Ledo road between India and China,sabotaged enemy lines of communication Killed more than 15000 hostiles destroyed or captured 3500 tons of supplies rescued 550 allied air crews designated 85% of targets the Tenth Air Force attacked furnished bomb damage assessment and never lost a battle.My second choice would be Merrill's Marauders in the same Theater.
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Yimmy    RE:Best Light Infantry in the World?   8/28/2005 3:15:13 PM
Best light infantry? Zulu!
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