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Subject: Suggestions for making gear more efficient
jastayme3    11/22/2007 10:29:50 PM
What are some suggestions for making gear lighter, more comfortable, and otherwise more efficient. One I thought of is issueing a long brush-cutter knife(a kukri or a machete or something of that nature) with a hollow hilt in which to contain something else(a compass, a radio, a multi-blade knife). Would that work?
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jastayme3       11/22/2007 11:04:56 PM
Another thing is to start thinking of "bayonets" as simply knives that
can be attached to a rifle barrel, rather then as designed specifically as
bayonets. That has already started being done. The Russians issued a
bayonet with a serration half-way down one edge. That would be "not fair
play" if it was primarily a bayonet. But in fact it was meant to be used for wirecutting.

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