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The Fool's Errand
by James Dunnigan
August 7, 2013

The U.S. has persuaded Israel and the Palestinians (at least Fatah in the West Bank) to sit down to peace talks. To make that happen the U.S. persuaded Israel to release 82 Palestinians (out of 550) serving life terms for terrorism. Not much is expected from all this. The Palestinians regularly use their own media to disparage the idea of sincere peace talks. At best, Palestinians believe such peace talks can be used to weaken Israel, the better to eventually destroy Israel. Apparently the Americans are desperate to get some peace talk action going, even though the chance of success is pretty much zero. Hamas refuses to even go through the motions of peace talks and constantly calls for Israel to be destroyed. The Americans must have offered the Israelis something pretty important (and still secret) to agree to release convicted terrorists as part of this fool’s errand.

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