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Russia Enters The Cutter Market
by James Dunnigan
April 19, 2014

 Russia has begun construction on a new class of patrol ships. The Project 22160 vessels are 94 meters (310 feet) long and displace 1,300 ton with a crew of 80 and armed with a 57mm cannon and, several heavy machine-guns, portable anti-aircraft missiles and the option to install two anti-ship missiles, or two cruise missiles or two torpedo tubes. There is also a helicopter landing area and a hanger that slides out over the landing area and must be folded back to clear the landing area for flight operations. These ships can operate a helicopter up to 12 tons in weight. The 22160s can stay at sea for 60 days at a time unless resupplied at sea. Top speed is 54 kilometers an hour. Electronics include air and sea search radars as well as some electronic countermeasures and the ability to locate and track the source of a radio signal.

Russia plans to build six Project 22160 ships by 2019, or more if there are export orders. Many nations are looking to upgrade their coastal patrol capabilities. In the U.S. ships like the 22160 are called Coast Guard cutters.


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