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Kidnap Commandos Sent To China
by James Dunnigan
August 29, 2013

The North Korean government has become more aggressive about capturing and returning those who flee the country. To that end they have taken responsibility for monitoring and returning defectors from the secret police (NSA) and given it to military intelligence (the GBR or General Reconnaissance Bureau). The GBR has selected several hundred young soldiers (late teens to early 20s) and trained them (to speak better Chinese and how to operate under cover) to seek out defectors in China, kidnap them, and return them to North Korea (where they go straight to a labor camp, possibly for life). This new policy is meant to make North Koreans less willing to flee the country. The GBR teams are told to concentrate on those defectors attempting to get to South Korea (via South Korean embassies in places like Thailand). China tolerates NSA and GBR agents as long as they do not carry weapons or create much fuss. This policy can change as Chine put more pressure on North Korea.

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