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Iran Invades Turkey
by James Dunnigan
September 23, 2012

Turkish television showed video taken by counter-intelligence officers while tracking a group of seven alleged Iranian spies. The suspects were arrested August 31. The Iranian operatives are accused of photographing the Igdir Province Gendarme Command building. Igdir province is in far eastern Turkey and borders on Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Iran. At least two of the suspects had also taken photographs of what Turkish investigators called other important security areas in Igdir province, to include military installations. Turkish counter-intelligence sources also claimed that the suspects claimed they had attempted to bribe government officials in Van province. The suspects were paid for the information they provided by Iran’s intelligence agency, SAVAMA. Television channels ran a photo taken at the Iran-Turkey border that government sources claimed showed a suspected Iranian agent passing information to a known SAVAMA agent. The information given to the Iranian agent allegedly concerned PKK operations.

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