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Mexican Citizens Prepare Themselves For Violence
by James Dunnigan
December 25, 2009

Mexican and US government sources have both reported that several private security companies (as least one based in Texas) have begun providing bodyguard and “counter-kidnap” services to Mexicans in Mexico and Americans who work in Mexico. The companies are also providing “security training” services for Mexican personal security personnel. Very wealthy Mexicans have always employed bodyguards, but because of the violence, upper middle-class and middle-class Mexicans fear for their security. Corporations fear for their employees safety. When the Red Brigades and other violent Marxist groups ran roughshod in Italy in the 1970s, the private guard business expanded. Corporations would send personnel to special schools in Italy to learn “threat avoidance” (ie, spotting a potential ambush) and receive training in techniques like “evasive driving.” It looks like that's what is happening in Mexico.

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