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B-2 Gets The Biggest Bomb Of All
by James Dunnigan
June 25, 2009

After three years of effort, the U.S. Air Force has developed a new bomb rack for the B-2 bomber, so it can drop the new, 13.6 (30,000 pound) Massive Ordnance Penetrator (MOP). Six years ago, MOP replaced the proposed nuclear bomb penetrator. MOP can be carried by a B-52, but a B-2 is more likely to get through an intact, modern, air defense system. The MOP is finally entering production, and a number (not announced) will be stockpiled.

 The air force is putting a lot of money into developing new bomb racks for the B-2. Recent additions are racks which allow a B-2 to carry eighty 500 pound smart bombs, or sixteen 2,000 pound smart bombs. Another new rack allows the B-2 to carry over a hundred of the 250 pound SDB (Small Diameter Bomb) which has a ground penetrating ability. The B-2 is also now equipped with a phased array radar and targeting pod capabilities, to enable it to find targets, as well as bomb them.

The MOP is 20.5 feet long, with a 31.5-inch  (80 cm) diameter. The MOP contains 2.4 tons of explosives. This is more than 10 times the explosive power of, the BLU-109 (2,000 pound bomb). The MOP can penetrate about 65 meters before exploding.


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