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India Aims Its Marines At China
by James Dunnigan
July 22, 2008

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India is building an Advanced Amphibious Warfare School near the port city of Kakinada, on the north east coast. The new school will be part of facility that will include a Fleet Support Base, which will improve security for the offshore Krishna-Godavri natural gas fields. Currently, India has about a thousand Marine Commandos, and several major amphibious ships (including a 17,000 American LPD, the former USS Trenton).

India is building naval bases on its east coast, and developing its amphibious capabilities to counter Chinese moves into the Indian Ocean. Although China denies any such intentions, China is dependent on oil, moved via the Indian Ocean from the Persian Gulf, as well as growing trade with Africa. China apparently does not want so much of its economy dependent on the good will of the Indian Navy.

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