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10 Countries Islamic Terrorists Avoid
by James Dunnigan
June 27, 2008

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Over the last seven years, some countries have become particularly difficult for Islamic terrorists to operate in. Pro-terrorist message boards and listservs (mailing lists) get into heated discussions about these places, and how to overcome the obstacles found there. The ten worst countries for Islamic terrorists operations (in no particular order) are;

The United States- A very hostile environment, especially among the Moslem population. The police follow up on any tips, and those Islamic terrorists caught are quickly prosecuted and, if convicted, put away for long periods.

Algeria- There are still Islamic terrorists operating here, but after over a decade of terrorist violence, and over 100,000 dead (many brutally slain by terrorists), the civilian population has turned against the Islamic radicals. While many Algerians agree with some of the Islamic radical's objectives (eliminate corruption, provide more jobs), they have been totally turned off by the terrorist violence. The Algerian security forces have lots of experience hunting down the terrorists, and the government used an amnesty program to convince many to surrender.

Iraq- Even al Qaeda admits they lost this one. Same old story with too many dead bodies for the terrorists to gain a popular following.

Egypt- Similar to Algeria. The Islamic terrorists killed Moslem civilians, and the police became very good at obtaining tips and following them up. There are still Islamic terrorists in residence, and many potential recruits. But it's also a very hostile environment for them.

France- Despite millions of Moslem immigrants, many of them unemployed, poorly educated and angry, the government has put together a very effective counter-terrorism force. Special prosecutors can move quickly, and the police have an effective intelligence gathering system.

Israel- They sealed Israel off from the Palestinians and went after the terrorist leadership and technical experts. Terrorist attacks went from more than one a week six years ago, to one a year now.

Jordan- Same deal as in Algeria, Egypt and Iraq.

Russia- Created their own little Iraq in Chechnya, where the terrorists obligingly fought it out with Russian Special Forces. Chechens who soon tired of all the violence and turned against the nationalist Islamic terrorists.

Saudi Arabia- Used be a prime al Qaeda recruiting ground, until the terrorists brought the war home in response to the U.S. invading Iraq in 2003. The population quickly changed their minds. The security services became more aggressive. The terrorists were soon gone.

Syria- A police state that supports terrorism, but not at home. Occasional outbreaks are quickly crushed.

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