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Why Hamas Is Certain Of Success
by James Dunnigan
May 18, 2008

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Hamas has expressed interest in a ceasefire, of six months or more. Hamas explained this by referring to the Koran, where early in the history of Islam, it was common to use such truces to build up your military strength, before resuming the war, and winning. In Gaza, Hamas has imposed restrictions on indoor public gatherings, in an effort to prevent rival Fatah from undertaking political action of any sort.

Rocket and mortar attacks into southern Israel continue, with one or two dozen rockets or shells a day being fired. Hamas apparently has no interest in making peace with Israel. Hamas internal propaganda continues to call for the destruction of Israel, and points out that the support from Iran would make that possible once Hamas was able to find a way to import large quantities of weapons and other material from Iran. Hizbollah in Lebanon is the model Hamas uses for this. Hamas believes it cannot lose and that time, and God, are on its side.

Israeli intelligence officials warned that Palestinian terrorists are planning major attacks for the May 8th celebration of the 60th anniversary of the founding of Israel. The various Palestinian terror groups are very unhappy with their inability to kill Israelis during the past few years.

Egypt has discovered five more smuggling tunnels into Gaza, two of them being used to pump fuel oil, via a hose, into Gaza. The Israelis are still restricting the flow of vehicle and generator fuel (a third of Gaza electricity is generated locally), but Hamas steals what it needs for its armed forces, from what is sent in. Hamas is trying to force Egypt to allow fuel supplies to come in from Egypt, but this would violate the peace treaty with Israel. Moreover, Egypt is nearly as hostile to Hamas is Israel is. Hamas provides shelter for Islamic terrorists who want to overthrow the Egyptian government.

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